Ehsaas interest free loan program online registration

Ehsaas Interest-free loan program government will disburse 80,000 interest-free loans from Ehsaas every month. The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund has also released eligibility and authorized loan centers. Interest-free loans up to 3 billion rupees have already been disbursed between eighty-two thousand people across the country for the launch of the National Poverty Graduation Strategy. Many people have been suffered from covid-19 due to which the poverty line has been raised. Many people left their jobs due to all-day lockdown. Most poor People who had their small business setup also got engaged in loss due to lack of costumers and shutter-down lockdown. By targeting those poor house hold government declaired the Ehsaas interest free loan program for reestablishment.

·         The National Poverty Advancement Plan is a four-year program.

·         The interest-free loan program is meant to develop the lives of the poor in Pakistan.

·         The interest-free loan will be installed in a hundred districts and 16.28 million people

·         50% women will get a benefit from this initiative.

 Ehsaas Interest-Free Loan eligibility criteria

·         Minimum interest-free loan range between Rs20,000

·         Maximum interest-free loan range between Rs75,000

·         Average loan is Rs30,000

·         Pakistani citizens who have a valid CNIC

·         The age of 18 to 60 are eligible.

Ehsaas Interest Loan Process

  1.         Visit nearest loan center
  2. ·        Verify your Poverty Score Card
  3. ·         Register yourself as a potential borrower
  4. ·         Issue your application and business plan form
  5. ·         Submit your Complete documents

How to apply for ehsaas interest free loan program onlin

Ehsaas interest-free loan program require proper check and balance before issuance of loan to the borrower. To keep the Ehsaas Program corruption-free and delivering of loan to well-deserved people, the candidate must have visit the nearest Ehsaas Program loan center along with the verification of poverty score card. There is no proper online app or website to apply online. 

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