NRSP Microfinance Bank Asaan Sarmaya Loan – NRSP Gold Loan details

Loans for people who need working capital to finance the activities mentioned below and can provide gold or gold ornaments (except Mala) as collateral to pledge the same with the bank. The main purpose of the gold is to solve business problems, Basic needs or other social issues. The minimum loan amount is 30,000 and maximum loan amount is 1,000,000. The loan process is so easy and fast that it can be done in just 1 hour.

Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL) Purpose of loan

1.      Agriculture

2.      Livestock

3.      Small Business & Enterprise

4.      Start up Business

5.      Asset Purchase

6.      House Renovation/Repair & Maintenance

7.      Domestic Needs/Emergency Loans

8.      Education

9.      Health

10.  Marriage

11.  Any Other Legal Activity

Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL) Residency

·         The client must be a permanent resident of the locality or reside / work in the same place.

Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL) Loan Amount

1.      Minimum loan amount: Rs 30,000 / –

2.      Maximum loan amount: Rs 1,000,000 / –

3.      Loan amount greater than Rs: 150,000 would be paid to generate income / business activities with proper assessment by the respective loan officer, however, the loan process will remain the same in the Gold Loan Product.

Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL) Features

1.      Loan Duration: Loan Duration: 3-18 Months.

2.      Age of Borrower: Minimum age: 18 Years Maximum age: 65 Years

3.      Eligibility: Not defaulter of any institutions

4.      Mark Up Rate: As per applicable Schedule of Charges

5.      Loan Processing Time (TAT): Maximum 1 Hour

Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL) Documentation/ collateral

1.      Loan application form duly completed and signed

2.      CNIC copy of the client

3.      A recent photograph of the client

4.      Authorization form

5.      Bank account at the NRSP branch

6.      Shroff Valuation Certificate

7.      Letter of commitment and gold insurance (sticker tickets worth Rs: 100)

8.      I will pay on demand (income tickets with the value of Rs: 50)

9.      Gold / gold trim

How to Apply For NRSP Microfinance Bank Loans:

·        Click to explore the bank branches for application:

NRSP Microfinance Bank Contact Information:

·         Address: NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited, Near Baghdad Railway Station, University Road, Bahawalpur 63100, Pakistan.

·         Phone: +92-62-2285126

·         Email:

·         Toll Free: 080006777

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