Sindh Bank Dairy farming loan details | dairy farm loan in Pakistan

The product is designed to help dairy farmers meet the working capital needs of the business. Credit in this category will be offered / extended to dairy farms / producers for three years on a rotating basis to meet the company’s working capital requirements.

Dairy-Farming Working Capital Loan Purpose

1.      Purchase of fodder and feed as concentrates such as cottonseed, cottonseed cake, etc. for dairy animals.

2.      Vaccines, vitamins, and other medications for animals, including artificial insemination.

3.      Overhead, i.e. labor, fuel, electricity, etc.

4.      Other additional expenses, distribution costs, transportation costs in the processing of farm milk, pasteurization and standardization.

Dairy-Farming Working Capital Loan Salient Features

1.       Credit availability on revolving basis

2.       One time documentation for three years.

3.       Option to use limits as per requirement of the farmer.

4.       Withdrawal and deposits at any time.

5.       Markup will be charged on the amount utilized / withdrawn (outstanding debit balance).

Dairy-Farming Working Capital Loan Financing Period & Repayment Mode

1.       Purpose: To meet Working Capital requirements of Dairy Farm         

2.       Extent of Limit: Maximum Rs. 36,000 per cattle         

3.       Maximum Credit Amount: PKR 10 Million per borrower(s)                   

4.       Tenure: Three years              

5.       Markup Repayment Frequency: Monthly/ Quarterly              

6.       Clean up: Annual

Benazir Revolving Credit Scheme Documents Required

Ø  Copy of the CNIC

Ø  2 recent passport size photographs

Ø  Bank statement (6 months to 1 year)

Ø  Pay stub / proof of business activity or other documents

How To Apply For Sindh Bank Benazir Revolving Credit Scheme

·         Visit to the nearest Sindh Bank branch or Contact Through the given information given below:

·         Address: Head Office 3rd Floor, Federation House Abdullah Shah Ghazi Road, Clifton, Karachi – 75600

·         Mob No: 0800-33322

·         Website:

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