UBL Bank Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Loan Scheme

Poor class people who do not have a own house can build A house by taking a loan from UBL Bank on easy terms.
Men and women up to 25 years of age with a monthly salary of up to Rs 25,000 can take a loan from United Bank Limited under the Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Housing Scheme.
One person can take a loan to build a house of 5 or 10 Marlas and two people can take a loan together.
The customer can go to any UBL Bank branch and submit the form.
You can get a loan from UBL Bank to build a house. You can also get a loan to buy a flat or an apartment.
If a man have a plot and he only wants to do construction, he will get a loan.

Eligibility Criteria For UBL Mera Ghar Housing Scheme

  • All Pakistanis who have a national identity card
  • First time home builders
  • Those who have a plot and they just want to build a house or build a house by buying a plot
  • Customers buying a house or flat or apartment in affordable housing
  • A person can apply for the subsidy scheme only once

UBL Mera Ghar Housing Scheme : Size of Housing Unit And Loan amount And Laon Tenor & Markup Details

CategorySize of Housing UnitLoan amountLaon TenorMarkup First 5 yearMarkup Next 5 yearMarkup Next 10 year
Tier 1( 5  Marla  ) House Apartment Flat Size 125 sq. yds to 850 sq. ft2.7 Million to 3.5 Millions5 to 20 year3%5%one year kibor with 2.5%
Tier 2( 5  Marla  ) House Apartment Flat Size 125 sq. yds to 1250 sq. ft6 Million5 to 20 year5%7%one year kibor with 4%
Tier 3( 10  Marla  ) House Apartment Flat Size 250 sq. yds to 200 sq. ft10 Million5 to 20 year7%9%one year kibor with 4%

Eligibility Criteria For salary persons and professionals.

Aga : 25 year to 60 year

Co- Applican age 25 year to 60 year

Monthly income : 25,000 per month

Employment 5 year

Candidates can apply at any of the major cities of Pakistan where UBL Bank has branches.

Required documents

  1. Calculation Sheet
  2. Legal Documents
  3. Key Fact Sheet
  4. Direct Debit Authority Form
  5. SBP Declaration Form
  6. Undertaking for not being Owner Of Property
  7. Reference Details Form
  8. Application form
  9. Copy of ID card
  10. Copy of property documents

How To Apply For UBL Mera Ghar Housing Scheme

All candidates
Download and fill up the form and submit it to your nearest UBL Bank.

Download Application Form : https://www.ubldigital.com/portals/0/Pdf/Ameen-MPMG-Mandatory-Documents.pdf

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