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how to get mobile and motorcycle on installment from

Sarmaya Company provides mobile and motorcycle electronics in interest free monthly installments all over Pakistan. Men and women from all over Pakistan can buy 18 different categories of electronics in installments from this company.
These items can be purchased from this company in monthly installments
Air conditioning
Deep freezer
LED television
washing machine
Microwave oven
Mobile phones and tablets
Computer or laptop
Jumping consoles
Solar Panel
Juicer machine

Expensive and cheap items can be purchased from this company in installments if you want to buy anything on cash and there is a service with free delivery in Karachi.

Candidates who want to buy anything from this company should open this link and order online.
If you want to buy something in monthly installments, fill out the online form and submit it. Within a day, a company representative will talk to you and provide more details.

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