Akhuwat Foundation Loan Process and Required Documents

Akhuwat interest-free program is for the people with Pakistani citizenship and can apply all over in Pakistan. Different loan products have different money range although it varies from 50000 to 150000 Rupees. The price of the application is 200 except agriculture which don’t have any application form rupees The first step for the loan, a man gets the interest-free Akhuwat loan application form from Qard-e-Hasan and after the Download write down the required stuff and send it to the AIM branch near your home. The unit manager verifies your loan application and reviewed any additional information that may be required and verifies that all documents were necessary for loan approval.

Akhuwat Foundation Office address and contact number

Akhuwat Foundation Loan Required Documents

There are some following documents that are required to submit to the AIM branch for further processing.

·         Any individual who give responsibility for loan

·         02 persons who gives your guaranty

·         Cheque postdated

·         Extra security in special cases

Akhuwat Foundation Loan Process

  • ·         Introduction of program
  • ·         Submission of application by Probable Debtor
  • ·         Staff social appraisal
  • ·         Staff business appraisal
  • ·         Senior Staff second appraisal
  • ·         Guarantors (to be provided by Borrowers)
  • ·         Loan Approval Committee approval
  • ·         Borrower loan Disbursement in Mosque
  • ·         Recovery in Akhuwat Office
  • ·         Monitoring of borrowers/business

Akhuwat Foundation Loans Eligibility Criteria

·         These following points are compulsory for a loan to an eligible man:

·         Applicant original CNIC

·         Ability to run business and must have age between (18 to 62 Years)

·         Active on economically

·         Lack of involving in criminal activity

·         Good social status and character

·         Providing at least 02 guarantors. family persons are also acceptable

·         Applicant residence should remained in the 2 or 2.5 Kilometres radius from the office of the branch

·         Criteria for a loan canchanges any time

Essential documents

·         cnic copies

·         latest utility bill copies

·         Newest photos

·         Nikahnama copy

How Can Loan Approve

When each case is received, the unit manager and the branch manager, then it is viewed in detail and sent to the area manager after the review that was ordered for approval, so the total process of 03 to 04 weeks it continues and a man gets Akhuwat loans from them.

Akhuwat foundation loan online apply

There are two ways to apply for a loan from the Akhuwat Foundation

1. Click on this link to apply online


2. Interested customers should visit the office of their nearest akhuwat foundation and fill up the form and submit it along with the required documents.
In case of loan approval
The customer will be called by the Brotherhood Foundation

Akhuwat Foundation Office address and contact number

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