List of Countries Offering Free Visa Service to Pakistan-VISA Free Country

If you are looking for those countries that are offering free visas to Pakistani citizens then you are in the right place. In this article, I also provide you with a list of the visa details of these countries.

Here is the list of free visa countries for Pakistani citizens. The below mentioned list was published at the beginning of 2021. This ranking was done by Henley Passport Index.

1)      Commonwealth of Dominica

2)      Cook Islands

3)      Haiti

4)      Micronesia

5)      Montserrat

6)      Niue

7)      Saint Vincent and Grenadines

8)      Trinidad and Tobago

9)      Vanuatu

1.     Commonwealth of Dominica

The government and the immigration department allow Pakistani nationals to stay in Dominica for up to six months. Pakistani citizens can live there without a visa. Dominica does not have a stable economy. But Dominica is famous for its natural beauty. Beautiful beaches make this country a tourist attraction.

You need a lot of money to visit this country. You can also visit the official website of the Dominica Immigration Department. This is a great opportunity for Pakistani tourists to visit Dominica. This is a proud moment for Pakistani citizens as these countries are issuing free visas.

2.     Cook Islands

It ranks second in the list of Pakistan visa-free countries. Cook Island belongs to New Zealand. Defense and foreign policy are controlled by New Zealand. Cook Islands offers one month free visa for Pakistani citizens.

3.     Haiti

Haiti ranks third and is located in the Caribbean Sea. The total area is 27,750 square kilometers. And its total population is 10.8 million. French is the country’s primary language. Haiti Loki is the currency of Haiti.

This country is very beautiful and attractive because of its natural beauty. And these are the most visited countries in the world. Pakistani citizens can stay in Haiti for 3 months without a visa. But the Haitian Immigration Department charges at least 10 dollars as airport fees.

4.     Micronesia

Micronesia is fourth on the list. There are 2100 small islands in this country. This small island in the Ocean of Pacific. Micronesia covers an area of 702 square kilometers. The total population of Micronesia is 104937. This population was according to the 2016 census. Pakistani citizens can stay in Micronesia for at least one month without a visa. A 60-day visa extension is available. But Micronesia charges different departure taxes.

5.     Montserrat

It is an island nation located in the West Indies. This is a British Overseas Territory. But this country is independent. This country provides free visa service to all countries of the world. Before visiting this country you need to visit the official website of this country.

6.     Niue

It is also an island nation in northeastern New Zealand. The country also provides free visa service to Pakistani citizens. Pakistani tourists can stay there for at least 30 days without a visa. Extension service is also available. The country’s immigration department collects at least $ 80 in departure tax from tourists. Are you true to this country through New Zealand? Before visiting this country, please visit the official immigration website of this country.

7.     Saint Vincent and Grenadines

These countries are a chain of islands. The country has a total population of 1.1 million. The official language of this country is Vincent Creole. The country’s currency is now the East Caribbean Dollar. This country is famous for its natural beauty. Attractive beaches are also a plus in this country.

8.     Trinidad and Tobago

It ranks 8th. It is famous for its high quality food. The natural beauty and attractive beaches make this country popular for tourists from all over the world. The tourists of Pakistan can stay there for 30 days. Pakistani citizens can extend their visa according to the actual requirements.

9.     Vanuatu

It ranks 9th. Pakistani tourists can stay in this country for a month without a visa. The country consists of 80 islands. The total area of this country is 1300 square kilometers. The country has a long rainy season. This is a wonderful and beautiful island. The island is famous for its natural beaches and beauty.

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