How to Apply For First Microfinance bank Roshanzar loan

The First Microfinancebank Ltd Roshan Zar product meets the growing credit needs of clients, who have moved from income-generating activities to micro-enterprises. Roshan Zar offers larger loans individually for agricultural, livestock or commercial companies (trade, manufacturing and services). Now it’s easy to avail more than 500,000 from the First Microfinancebank on a very easy and short process. This loan can be used for different purposes like buying new staff and machinery for new or established business.

Roshanzar Loan Eligibility Criteria

a)      Valid CNIC

b)      Age between 18 and 65 years

c)      Business experience of at least 3 years

d)     Preference is given to qualified / technically qualified entrepreneurs and / or employees

Roshanzar Loan Type of Credit

Ø  Short to Medium Term Finance

Ø  Running Finance

Roshanzar Loan Purpose of Credit

Ø  Fixed assets (for example, purchase of machinery / equipment, tools and accessories, furniture and accessories, construction / improvement of business premises)

Ø  Working capital (permanent or temporary working capital needs, for example purchase of inventories / supplies and other expenses)

Roshanzar Loan Amount

Ø  Minimum: PKR 350,001

Ø  Maximum: PKR 500,000

Roshanzar Loan Tenor

·         Up to 36 months

Roshanzar Loan Repayment

a)      Equal Monthly Installments

b)      Equal Quarterly Installments

c)      Bullet Installment

d)     Monthly service charge payment

e)      Annual cleaning in renovation / transfer

Roshanzar Loan Required Documents

a)      Valid CNIC

b)      Collateral / Guarantee Documents

c)      Complete loan application form

d)     Other documents as required

e)      Personal Guarantees (Own and Third Parties)

f)       FMFB Bank Deposit / National Savings Certificates

g)      Property (residential, commercial and agricultural land)

How to Apply For The First Microfinancebank Ltd Loan Programs

Click to explore the bank branches. Visit the nearest bank to apply for your favorite loan program:

The First Microfinancebank Ltd Contact Information

Ø  16th/ 17th Floors, Habib Bank Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad.

Ø  Toll Free: 0800-FIRST (34778)

Ø  Fax: (+92-51) 2821817

Ø  Email:

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