ZTBL Red Meat Financing Package for Sheep | ZTBL Loan Details

Pakistan’s economy is predominantly agrarian. The agricultural sector contributes significantly to GDP. Livestock, which is the largest subsector of agriculture, represents 50% of the added value. Directly on this sector, 35 million rural population depends. Therefore, a special plan has been put in place to promote this sector.

Red Meat Financing Package for Sheep/ Goat Rearers Terms & Conditions

1.      Eligibility: Potential borrowers from selected areas captioned especially dedicated to the sheep / goat farming business.

2.      Required documents: Copy of the CNIC, Loan File, Agri.Pass / Fard Jamabandi Book, 2 recent photographs.

3.      Maximum loan limit: Rs 1,500 crore per borrower / party.

4.      Borrower contribution: The borrower will deposit 10% of the loan amount as their own contribution.

5.      Collateral: Securities / tangible properties acceptable to the Bank.

6.      Cost of credit: According to the bank’s rule.

7.      Refund schedule:

a.      The fattening loan will be recoverable in 6 to 15 months.

b.      The ranching / agriculture loan will be recoverable in 5 years with a grace period of one year.

8.      Markup Rate: The markup rate in effect on development loans applies.

9.      Monitoring: Strict monitoring is exercised ensuring the verification of the use by the MCO in 100% of the cases and the verification of the use by Internal Auditor of the Bank, the Manager, Zonal Manager (Recovery).

How to Apply For ZTBL Red Meat Financing Package for Sheep/ Goat Rearers

Click to explore the ZTBL branches to apply for the loan and further information: https://www.ztbl.com.pk/contact/branches/

ZTBL Contact Information

Islamabad, Pakistan

UAN No. 111-30-30-30

Phone No. +92-51-9252805

Email: contactus@ztbl.com.pk

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