Top10 Best Courier Service Providers in Pakistan

The Internet has revolutionized our way of life, with online shopping now the norm. And yet today’s business needs are very different from traditional business. Virtual outlets of online shopping sites or top brands understand the needs of their customers.

Today’s consumer likes to shop from the comfort of his home and wants to get the desired product with maximum security and efficiency! And how will this happen? Of course, thanks to the excellent courier service.

Here are the 10 best courier services in Pakistan that can be considered the cheapest courier services in Pakistan and can help you grow your online business. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need anytime, anywhere. Consider these delivery companies for your parcel and you will definitely get positive feedback.

Top 10 Courier Service Providers in Pakistan 2021

1.      TCS – Best Courier in Pakistan

2.      Leopards Courier

3.      DHL – Top Quality Courier Service Provider

4.      PIA SpeedeX

5.      Pakistan Post

6.      FedEx Express

7.      M&P

8.      DCS

9.      PCL

10.  APX

1. TCS – Best Courier in Pakistan

 TCS is considered to be the best, affordable and reliable courier company in Pakistan that delivers locally and internationally. TCS is spread across more than 220 countries, covering approximately 3,500+ locations worldwide. Whether it’s a business delivery or a gift to a loved one, you can count on TCS to deliver anything, anywhere in Pakistan. It even offers 1-day delivery within Pakistan.

2. DHL – Top Quality Courier Service Provider

DHL is a global courier company, the most internationally recognized delivery service company. DHL aims to provide international express delivery. Repair from global freight forwarding packaging by air, sea, road and rail, warehouse solutions to storage, worldwide mail delivery and other customized logistics services.

3. Leopards Courier

Leopards Courier Services is considered to be the second largest courier company in Pakistan. Leopards is the fastest growing courier company in Pakistan and has now expanded to more than 1,500 service locations and 2,200 global destinations. It offers overnight and one-day delivery across Pakistan.

4. PIA SpeedeX Courier Service

Pakistan International Airlines established SpeedeX Courier Service Company in 2003 which is fast growing and is currently providing premium courier services in about 70 cities of Pakistan to ensure quality and security. This is the cheapest courier service to deliver within Pakistan.

5. Pakistan Post Courier Service

Pakistan Post is committed to ensuring the use of new communications and information technologies that are traditionally considered as its core postal business. Pakistan Post is committed to providing safe and timely delivery of mail, money and content at affordable doorsteps to its customers. The cheapest courier service to deliver your parcel nationally and internationally in Pakistan.

6. FedEx Express Courier Service

 FedEx is a global giant when it comes to courier companies. It is the most extensive, worldwide courier service covering approximately 220 countries. FedEx is the most reliable but expensive source of your parcel delivery but quality is guaranteed.

7. M&P Courier Service

M&P is the second largest national and international courier service company, followed by FedEx. They have about 500 courier centers in Pakistan, more than 1370 service locations and 258+ FedEx authorized shipping centers. Their passion for excellence makes them a great choice to meet the needs of your domestic courier. With self-propelled aircraft, employees, vans, bikes and offices across Pakistan, they provide it all very well.

8. DCS Courier Service

 DCS Couriers is a courier company that provides the best local and national courier service to its various customers at affordable prices. DCS is an international company, which is globally fast, reliable, timely express delivery, high level and on-time main freight shipment air charter delivery, business-to-business ground small package delivery, Offers overnight delivery, freight services., Customs clearance and integrated information and logistics solutions.

9. PCL Courier Service

Paradise Courier & Logistics (PCL) is a highly dynamic and far-sighted express courier service. It is known for its standard delivery service and ensures that your prompt and important shipments reach their destination quickly and reliably with a complete tracking facility.

10. APX Courier Service

 Founded in 1990, Asian Pacific Express has at least 25+ years of extensive network experience and has significant contacts with companies in the UK, US, Dubai and the Far East and around the world. APX has very economical value for shipments through international service providers such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and many more.

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