what is kashf foundation And How to Get Loans from Kashf foundation?


The Kashf Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by Roshaneh
Zafar in 1996. Kashf is regarded as Pakistan’s first small-scale financial
institution that uses a village banking system to alleviate poverty by
providing affordable financial and non-financial services to low-income
households – especially women

kashf foundation Missions:

Kashf’s mission is to “Serve all people with dignity by providing low-cost and low-income
services to low-income households that eradicate poverty and enable women to be agents of
social and economic transformation, by building relationships, promoting communication. In
the small financial sector kashf foundation was awarded the Microfinance Excellence Award by
the Grameen Foundation and won the AGFUND Second International Prize for Microfinance

Where did Kashf Foundation Started?

Kashf originates from Arabic word كشف‎, which translates as “unveiling”. Roshaneh Zafar
explained, “I believe that some things can be planned in advance. the Sufi philosophers is buried
here in Lahore. Kashf is a Sufi word, meaning miracle or self-made. It’s a belief that God is in
you. Anyone can be a good person. While I was in Bangladesh [with Grameen], the word ‘Kashf’
came to me.

Loans By Kashf Foundation:

Due to the economic downturn, Kashf is offering only income-generating loans. The aim of the
bank is to focus on job creation as 65% of Pakistanis are under 25 years old. About 2 to 3% of
loans have been rejected. If people are late paying three or four times, they will be rejected the
next time they apply for a loan. Kashf focuses on product design, low payouts, and the team’s
ability to make small amounts according to the organization.

How to Get Loans from Kashf foundation?

To get a loan from Kashf foundation for any of the above categories you will need to follow a
very simple procedure. Kashf foundation offices are located in several locations and can be
searched online in various cities. The Kashf foundation website describes the process in a clear
way and can be read here.

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