Akhuwat foundation interest free loan for overseas Pakistani Apply Online

Akhuwat foundation interest-free loan program has been released to help financially weak people. Akhuwat offers interest-free and interest-free loans to help disadvantaged members of society. With one of the highest loan repayment rates in the world. By that vision Those Pakistanis who goes abroad specially US for their betterment of future and feed their family, akhuwat foundation decided to help them by giving them loan in different products with different range according to their concern product.


The different loan products are;

1.      Family enterprise loan

2.      Liberation loan

3.      Education loan

4.      Health loan

5.      Emergency loan

6.      Housing loan

7.      Marriage loan

8.      Agriculture loan

Akhuwat Foundation family enterprise loan

Every overseas Pakistanis households can apply to Akhuwat interest-free loan program. Every single male and female can apply with no limit of funds.

Akhuwat Foundation Liberation loan        

In Pakistan many people gets loan with high interest rate from landlords and other upper class people which led them in cycle of ongoing depts. as they struggle to pay high rate interest. Most of the time, the loan persists from one generation to generation, making it impossible for the family members to seek the stability.  In such aspect of the high-interest loans, Akhuwat’s Liberation Loan pays the whole amount in one payment, and as aresult the client pays back that whole amount in interest-free installments to Akhuwat.

The limit of the lone in this product is US $500.

 Akhuwat foundation loan for education

The Education Loan targets the poor who are unable to fulfill their charges of education. Akhuwat try to ensure that every single poor student get there proper education. In most cases, borrowers use the loan to pay fees and fees, purchase books and supplies, and pay initial registration or examination fees. The upper limit of the student loan is US $ 250.

 Akhuwat foundation Health loan

Health loan Is for those people who are struggling with Diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, and diabetes which are common in different rural areas. These diseases led the poor people toward death due to lack of treatment charges..

Health Loans range from US $100 to US $200.

Akhuwat foundation Emergency loan

The Emergency Loan is designed to offset diffuse business losses, healthcare expenses, machinery repairs, motor vehicle repairs, veterinary expenses, and admission fees, among other costs.

This loan ranges from $ 50 to $ 100 and can be repaid in one year. It takes 2-3 days to process and is the only loan from Akhuwat USA that can be used in conjunction with another loan.

Akhuwat foundation loan for house

The Housing Loan targets the renovations of home, roofs, walls and its maintenance. Every single step is taken to check and observe the borrower applications in sort of his renovation type.

The range of this loan varies between US $300 to US $700. And it must be repaid within two years.

Akhuwat foundation loan for marriage

Many poor families seek the marriage of their daughters, Due to which Akhuwat try to give the Marriage Loan.  Marriage expenses are very huge responsibility for parents in Pakistan, and many poor families struggle to arrange the funds for marriage ceremonies.

Marriage Loans ranges up to US $200.

Akhuwat foundation Agriculture loan

These loans are given to the small farmers who don’t have any land for their cultivation. Eligibility depends on the techniques, methods and tools given by the concern borrower. 

akhuwat foundation contact number List

Akhuwat foundation loan online apply

Visit your nearest Akhuwat Foundation office, fill out the form and submit it along with the required documents.
In case the loan is approved, the customer will be called by the Akhuwat Foundation and the loan will be given to the customer on the due date.

Apply Online : https://www.akhuwatfirst.edu.pk/online-apply/

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