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To address food security challenges, massive investments are being made in agricultural infrastructure, production and processing trade around the world. Warehouse receipt financing can play a critical role in protecting the farmer’s compulsion to sell his produce immediately after harvest, and the secured commodity transaction represents collateral for the loan in the store. This acceptance systems the basis of the financing. In the first instance, Red Chilli farmers from the Kunri area under the ZTBL Samaro branch from the Mirpurkhas area are being facilitated by providing financing for their working capital needs through this scheme.

Warehouse Receipt Financing Scheme Terms & Conditions

1.      Eligibility: Deposit slip Farmers, issued by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) after fulfilling all its requirements.

a.      All solvent farmers.

b.      More than one creditworthy farmer can also apply for a loan jointly.

c.       Clear CWR

d.      ORR rating up to 4.

2.      Required documents: Copy of CNIC, loan case file, Agri.Pass / Fard Jamabandi book and 2 recent photographs

3.      Maximum loan: limit Rs 1,000 crore per borrower / party

4.      Collateral: Receipt of electronic collateral deposit (EWR) issued by Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX), pledge of shares, personal guarantee of the depositor / borrower up to the marked amount

5.      Profit margin rate: Based on the profit margin rate in force under the Kissan Dost program

6.      Cost of credit: According to current Bank instructions.

7.      Repayment schedule: The loan would be recoverable in a lump sum within one year on January 15 or July 15, as the case may be.

How to Apply For ZTBL Tractor Loan

Click to explore the ZTBL branches to apply for the loan and further information: https://www.ztbl.com.pk/contact/branches/

ZTBL Contact Information

Islamabad, Pakistan

UAN No. 111-30-30-30

Phone No. +92-51-9252805

Email: contactus@ztbl.com.pk

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