How To Get Loan From Tooba foundation in Karachi

The Tooba Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides loans to people to meet their emergency needs.

If you want to start your own business or grow your own business
So the Tooba Foundation provide you loan
So far thousands of people have started their business by taking loans from this foundation. The biggest advantage of this foundation is that you will take a loan of 500,000. You will have to repay 500,000 loans.
You will not be charged any interest
All men and women who have an ID card can take out a loan
Now Tooba Foundation is giving loans to people in Karachi. Besides, in other major cities of Pakistan, Lahore Islam Peshawar, Tobi Foundation is not giving loans in these cities.
If you live in Sindh province, you can take a loan from Tooba Foundation

You can get Loan from the Tooba Foundation for the following emergency needs
1= Business loan

2= Emergency loan

3= Construction loan

4= Education loan

5= Marriage Loan

6= Liberation loan

Tooba Foundation provides loans for five purpose

Business loan

If you want to start a business or grow a business, you will get a loan in both cases.

If you want to start a business on a large scale, you can’t get a loan
The Toby Foundation only provides loans to start small businesses

Emergency loan

If someone in your home is sick
And you want to get him treated at the hospital
If you do not have the money, you can take out a loan from the Tooba Foundation for emergency treatment.
other than that
If someone has an accident in your home, you can also get a loan from the Tooba Foundation for treatment.

Construction loan

You can also get a loan if you want to build your own house or repair your own house
If you want to create a new room in your home
Or want to build a house wall
Or want to buy a new door
Or want to buy a water tank for home
You can get a loan for all these works

Education loan

Many poor people do not enroll their children in a good school because they do not have school fees.
Or the children of many poor people who want to grow up in a good college or university but
They cannot get admission in a good college or university due to lack of money
You can continue your education by taking a loan from the Tooba Foundation
Or enroll your children in good schools to get a good education.

Marriage Loan

The Tooba Foundation provides small loans for marriage.

Liberation loan

If you have taken an interest-bearing loan from a any bank
Due to difficult circumstances, Can’t repay loan installments to the bank
So you can also take a loan from Toby Foundation to repay the loan to the bank

How To Apply For Loan

Candidates seeking loan should go to the office of Tooba Foundation and submit the form. The loan will be received in two to three days.

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