ufone 25gb internet package weekly | Ufone 25gb internet package

At Ufone, it’s always about you. In order to evolve and continue our needs with our customers, we reshaped and reshaped our image by changing our visual identity.

Now with Ufone super-fast internet, you can enjoy non-stoppable streaming, unlimited downloading and so much more as Ufone provides an amazing internet data offer with twenty five (25) GB Volume.

Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer Benefits

Ufone prepaid internet max offer provides 25 GB (1AM to 9AM) internet data for:

1.      Internet Browsing

2.      YouTube

3.      Netflix

4.      Goonj

5.      Facebook

6.      Instagram

7.      WhatsApp

8.      Others

Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer Eligibility Criteria

·         All the customers of the Ufone prepaid can avail Ufone prepaid internet max offer.

Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer Validity

·         The validity of the Ufone prepaid internet max offer is one week (1AM to 9AM).

Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer Subscription Charges

·         The subscription charges of the Ufone prepaid internet max offer is PKR. 70 (load).

  • The customer can also subscribe to this offer through My Ufone App or visit your nearest retailer shop.

How to Subscribe Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer?

·         The subscription code of the Ufone prepaid internet max offer is *2570#.

Ufone Prepaid Internet Max Offer Terms and Conditions

1.      Only prepaid customers of the Ufone can avail this offer.

2.      This offer is valid for 7 days from 1AM till 8:59AM.

3.      On this product you can subscribe to multiple subscriptions.

4.      All prices are taxes included.

5.      For the remaining resource of the offer, simply dial *706#.

6.      After consuming the offer volume, the Internet will remain active and will be charged at a default rate. 2.75 + tax per MB on 512 Kb charging pulse (https://ufone.com/support/tax/). With 25 MB usage you will get 150 MB free till midnight etc.

Ufone Helpline Numbers

·         Helpline (From Ufone): 333

·         Tel: 033-11-333-100

·         Email: customercare@ufone.com

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