NRSP Microfinance Bank Kissan Muavin Loan

NRSP Microfinance Bank offers loans for those Individuals who need funds for agriculture input supply. Every Pakistani Citizen who does an agriculture business and is aged 18 to 63 can apply for the loan. Different crops have different loan amounts based on the crop nature. Maximum loan for sugarcane crop is 100,000 Rs with 21 months loan limit. The loan application process is so simple and easy to understand that even a literate person will be able to understand and apply.

Kissan Muavin Loan Purpose of Loans

·         Agriculture activities

Kissan Muavin Loan Product Features

1.      Loan eligibility: Age 18-63, should have a CNIC.

2.      Loan Amount: Rabi & Kharif Crop: up to PKR 80,000/-

a.       Sugarcane Crop: up to PKR 100,000/-

3.      Loan duration: Rabi & Kharif Crop: up to 11 Months.

a.       Sugarcane Crop: up to 21 Months.

4.      Repayment option: Lump sum

5.      Disbursement: The loan is credited to the client’s account so that the end use is much more secure.

6.      Markup rate: 33% p.a Decreasing and subject to change with amendments to the policy through circulars from time to time.

7.      Insurance: Free credit life insurance

a.       Supplementary hospitalization and death insurance up to Rs 20,000 / –

Kissan Muavin Loan Documentation/ collateral

1.      Loan application form duly completed and signed

2.      CNIC copy of the client

3.      A recent photograph of the client

4.      Authorization form

5.      Bank account at the NRSP branch

6.      Shroff Valuation Certificate

7.      Letter of commitment and gold insurance (sticker tickets worth Rs: 100)

8.      I will pay on demand (income tickets with the value of Rs: 50)

9.      Gold / gold trim

How to Apply For NRSP Microfinance Bank Loans

·        Click to explore the bank branches for application:

NRSP Microfinance Bank Contact Information:

·         Address: NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited, Near Baghdad Railway Station, University Road, Bahawalpur 63100, Pakistan.

·         Phone: +92-62-2285126

·         Email:

·         Toll Free: 080006777

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