The First Microfinance bank Roshanzar Premium Loan

A step forward in serving the financial needs of micro-businesses, The First MircroFinanceBank now offers loans of up to PKR 3 million for working capital and asset financing along with allied banking services, accessible through our network of bank branches and banking channels. Digital 24/7. The facility is aimed in particular at high-level micro-enterprises, farmers and ranchers.

The First Microfinance bank Roshanzar Premium Eligibility Criteria

a)      Operating within the operational jurisdiction of the Bank

b)      Age between 18 and 65 years

c)      Must be owned by residential or commercial facilities

d)     At least 3 years of business experience

The First Microfinance bank LTD Roshanzar Premium Purpose of Credit

a)      Comply with the expenses of cultivation of crops and / or purchase of farm\ machinery

b)      Purchase of animals for livestock / poultry / fish farming

c)      Purchase of machinery, furniture, fixtures, etc. for commercial use

d)     Improvement / Renovation / purchase of commercial premises

The First Microfinance bank LTD Roshanzar Premium Credit Limit

Ø  Minimum: PKR 1,000,001/-

Ø  Maximum: PKR 3,000,000/-

The First Microfinance bank LTD Roshanzar Premium Collateral Options

a)      Retiree Only Personal Guarantee OR Third Party Guarantee

b)      Property documents

c)      HPA vehicle

d)     FMFB Bank Deposit / National Savings Certificates

The First Microfinancebank LTD Roshanzar Premium Loan Tenor and Replacement

Ø  Up to 60 Months (5 years)

Ø  Installments

Ø  Bullet Repayments

The First Microfinance bank LTD Roshanzar Premium Required Documentation

a)      Valid CNIC

b)      Collateral / guarantee documents

c)      Complete loan application form

d)     Other documents as required in the product program

How to Apply For The First Microfinance bank Ltd loan Programs

Click to explore the bank branches. Visit the nearest bank to apply for your favorite loan program:

The First Microfinancebank Ltd Contact Information

Ø  16th & 17th Floors, Habib Bank Tower, Blue Area, Islamabad.

Ø  Toll Free: 0800-FIRST (34778)

Ø  Fax: (+92-51) 2821817

Ø  Email:

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