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what is akhuwat foundation And How to Get Loans from Akhuwat


The Akhuwat Foundation is a Pakistan-based non-profit organization working to
create a poverty-free society. It was founded in 2001 by Dr. Muhammad Amjad
Saqib who is the Executive Director of the organization Akhuwat’s main office is
located in Lahore and has over 800 branches in 400 cities in Pakistan
Akhuwat has disbursed 4.5 million interest-free loans amounting to PKR 128 Billion
to over 3 million families across Pakistan. By using interest-free microfinance
Akhuwat is registered as an official organization in the USA, UK, Canada and
Sweden. It has launched partnerships with organizations in Nigeria, Uganda and Afghanistan for
duplication and expansion.

Akhuwat Foundation Office address and contact number

Roots of Akhuwat Foundation:

The four pillars that Akhuwat is founded on are Iman, Ihsan, Ikhlas, and Infaq.
o Iman (faith) means human trust or belief in a transcendent reality that inspires a sense
of responsibility and duty.
o Ihsan (to do beautiful things) is that each individual attempts for excellence in character,
work, service and knowledge.
o Ikhlas (purity) refers to sincerity of intention and action.
o Infaq (giving) is the giving in the way of Allah that loosely translates into ‘spending
without expecting reward.

Akhuwat Foundation Office address and contact number

Akhuwat Covid-19 Relief Fund:

The Akhuwat Emergency Relief Fund was created specifically to address the needs of people
during an emergency. Akhuwat provided assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
With the launch of COVID-19 in the world and in Pakistan, in March 2020, Akhuwat has
established a fund called the Akhuwat Corona Support Fund to provide assistance to individuals
and families affected by COVID-19. Through this fund, Akhuwat has provided interest-free
loans, financial grants, free health care, and distributed food and food bags to those most
affected by the pandemic.

Akhuwat’s Business Model:

While Akhuwat did not share their organizational and philosophical strategy with the major
Microfinance Institutions in Pakistan, it has shared the same business model. Its main functions
were its loan managers who were responsible for community mobilization this is the whole
business model view of akhuwat foundation for providing free loans across Pakistan

Loans Offered by Akhuwat Foundation:

1) Family enterprise loan
2) Liberation loan
3) Education loan
4) Health loan
5) Emergency loan
6) Housing loan
7) Marriage loan
8) Agriculture loan

How to Get Loans from Akhuwat?

To get a loan from Akhuwat for any of the above categories you will need to follow a very
simple procedure. Akhuwat offices are located in several locations and can be searched online
in various cities. The Akhuwat website describes the process in a clear way and can be read

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