Meezan bank home loan eligibility criteria

Meezan Bank provides loans for building or buying a house in Pakistan
Meezan Bank provides interest free loans to all Pakistanis who do not have a private home and want to build their own.
Businessman Salary Person Professionals Dr. Eng. Government Employees and Private Employees
Meezan Bank provides loans for four purposes
1) To build a house ( This includes both plot purchase and house construction )
2 ) If you have a plot ( So a loan can be taken for the construction of a house )
3 ) To renovate the house
4 ) To replace the house

Meezan bank home loan fatwa

fatwa has been issued by Meezan Bank
Three major clerics have ruled that Meezan Bank’s home loan scheme is interest-free.
The bank will only charge the service charge from the customer

Meezan bank home loan eligibility criteria

Meezan Bank will provide loan to the customer on the following conditions

  • Customer must have Pakistani nationality
  • Customer must be between 25 and 65 years of age
  • If two people are borrowing together ( So their age should be between 21 to 70 years )
  • One man can take a loan and two men from the same family can take a loan
  • Salary person’s monthly income should be up to 40,000
  • The monthly income of a self-employed person And Businessman is up to 75,000
  • The salaried person has been employed for at least 2 years and have a two-year employment history.
  • The businessman and self-employed have been working in their industry for 3 years

Meezan bank home finance loan

Loan of Rs 0.5 million to Rs 50 million can be taken from Meezan Bank ( 5 lakh to 5 crore rupees )

Tenor : 3 to 20 year

The loan will be repaid in monthly installments of three to twenty years

Processing Fee : 8,000

Meezan bank home loan process

  • Fill up the Complete application form And submit
  • Attach the required documents along with the application form
  • Meezan Bank will verify the customer’s home or office address
  • The team will review all customer documents and the final report will be sent to the bank.
  • Meezan Bank will seek legal opinion on the property documents you provide
  • The bank will send the customer conditional offer letter after fulfilling all the loan requirements from Meezan Bank.
  • After the loan is approved, the customer has to open an bank account with Meezan Bank
  • After completing all the steps, the customer has to come to Meezan Bank and sign the agreement on all the papers.
  • The loan will be given to the customer

Required documents for meezan bank home loan

  • Copy of ID card
  • Two pictures
  • Copy of Utility Bill
  • A copy of the credit card bill
  • Copy of professional degree
  • Copy of Agreement
  • Celery slip
  • Employment certificate
  • Copy of bank statement
  • Three years business proof
  • Copy of NTN certificate
  • Property Papers

Meezan bank home loan application form

Customers who want to take a loan from Meezan Bank will open the link below and fill up the form and submit the required documents to your nearest Meezan Bank.

Download Home Loan Application Form


Contact these numbers for more information

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