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Telenor is a diverse and multicultural organization with offices around the world. As part of Telenor’s DNA, 22,000 diverse people have come together for a single mission: to empower the societies in which we work.

Activate the Telenor Sahulat Mini Offer to enjoy twenty (20) off-net minutes, two hundred (200) on-net minutes, two hundred (200) SMS and one hundred (100) MB + two hundred (200) MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter.

Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer Benefits

1.      Telenor prepaid Sahulat mini offer provides:

2.      200 On-net Minutes

3.      20 Off-net Minutes

4.      200 SMS

5.      300 MB Data for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter.

Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer Eligibility Criteria

All the customers of the Telenor Prepaid can avail the Telenor prepaid Sahulat mini offer.

Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer Validity

The validity of the Telenor prepaid Sahulat mini offer is one week (7 days).

Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer Subscription Charges

The subscription charges of the Telenor Prepaid Sahulat mini offer is PKR. 75 (Incl. tax).

How to Activate Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer?

The activation code of the Telenor prepaid Sahulat mini offer is *170#

Telenor Prepaid Sahulat Mini Offer Terms and Conditions

1.      Call setup charges of 12.5 paise + tax will be charged on each call

2.      Cost and resources may vary depending on geographical location

3.      Resources and authenticity are independent of each other’s numerous purchases and will not be merged.

4.      When the offer expires or expires, a standard tariff will be charged for offline calls and data according to user prices.

5.      This bundle will not be renewed after it expires

6.      This offer cannot be authenticated again

Telenor Helpline Numbers

Phone: +92 (42) 111 345 100


For Online complaint or suggestion please click the link:

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