Kababjees Offers 25% Discount through Meezan Debit Cards

Kababjeesoffers a 25% discount through Meezan Debit cards. Kababjees is a restaurant which claims to be the perfect place to enjoy the variety of cuisines with your loved ones and engage yourself in the soothing decoration and the desire to visit again. Payment will be made through by the specific Meezan bank debit cards in all major Shops in Pakistan where you can avail this offer. With any other promotions and discount program, this offer will not be valid in conjunction

Meezan Debit cards Offers Discount

1.      Mastercard World Debit Card

2.      Platinum Mastercard Debit Card

3.      Platinum Visa Debitcard

4.      Titanium Mastercard Debitcard

5.      Classic Visa Debitcard

6.      Gold Visa Debitcard

7.      Classic Mastercard Debit Card

Meezan Debit Card Total Discount on Kababjees

1.      25 % on Mastercard World Debit Card

2.      20% on Platinum Mastercard Debit Card, Platinum Visa Debitcard and Titanium Mastercard Debitcard

3.      15% on Classic Visa Debitcard, Gold Visa Debitcard and Classic Mastercard Debit Card

Meezan Debit Cards Discount Offers in Cities:

This Offers is Available in all major cities at specific Kababjeesshops. For more information click on branches detail for detail of cities and contact information: Branches Detail

Kababjees Discount Terms and Condition:

1.      Discount limit Rs. 2,000 / –

2.      Payment will be made through Meezan Bank debit card.

3.      This offer is not valid in conjunction with other promotions and discount programs.

4.      The discount will not apply to the government. taxes (such as GST, etc.).

5.      Meezan Bank reserves the right to suspend any promotional offer at any time.

Kababjees Discount through Meezan Debit Cards Expiry date:

This offer expires on March 15, 2022

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