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ZTBL Soghat-e-Shireen Scheme – zarai taraqiati bank loan scheme

Guru is famous for being the healthiest sugar in the world due to its high nutritional value. Being a seasonal and self-sufficient business that provides employment and paid earnings, there is great potential to popularize it as a daily sweetener. In line with the Bank’s new initiatives to support the Government’s efforts to achieve agriculture-led economic growth and alleviate rural poverty, the Bank has taken steps to finance the “Gur-making” process across the country.

Soghat-e-Shireen Scheme for “GUR Making” Terms & Conditions

1.      Eligibility: All credible farmers.

2.      Required documents: Copy of CNIC, Loan File, Agri.Pass / Fard Jamabandi Book, 2 recent photographs.

3.      Maximum loan limit: Rs 0.500 crore per borrower / party.

4.      Guarantee: The loan would be guaranteed against all types of values acceptable to the Bank. In case it is not available, the safety of parents / family members can be accepted as a co-applicant.

5.      Borrower contribution: The borrower will deposit 10% of the loan amount as their own contribution.

6.      Cost of credit: According to the banks rule.

7.      Repayment schedule: The loans would be recoverable in a term of 05 years in semi-annual installments.

8.      Markup Rate: The markup rate in effect on development loans applies.

How to Apply For ZTBL Soghat-e-Shireen Scheme for “GUR Making”

Click to explore the ZTBL branches to apply for the loan and further information:

ZTBL Contact Information

Islamabad, Pakistan

UAN No. 111-30-30-30

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