ZTBL Khawateen Rozgar Scheme | How To Get Loan From ZTBL Bank

In order to empower rural women to play a meaningful role in agriculture. Activities by increasing family income and to contribute to GDP, the titled subject scheme has been introduced in all Bank branches.

Khawateen Rozgar Scheme Terms & Condition

1.      Eligibility: All rural, new / old, creditworthy women who have technical knowledge and ability to repay are eligible for financing for agricultural and non-agricultural activities.

2.      Required documents: Copy of the CNIC, Loan File, Agri.Pass / Fard Jamabandi Book, 2 recent photographs.

3.      Maximum loan limit: The maximum loan limit per borrower / party for secured loans is Rs. 0.2 billion and for collateral loans up to Rs. 25,000 / – per borrower / party.

4.      Borrower contribution: The borrower will deposit 10% of the loan amount as their own contribution.

5.      Security: In terms of security, bodily property owned by borrowers and, in case of unavailability, property of parents / relatives can be accepted as co-applicants. Personal bonds / guarantees can also be accepted as per the standing instructions of the Bank.

6.      Cost of credit: According to the banks rule.

7.      Repayment schedule: Loans for production and development are recoverable in a term of 18 months and 5 years, respectively, in semi-annual installments according to the cash flow of the plan.

8.      Profit margin rate: The profit margin rate in effect on production and development loans applies. (Depending on the case it may be).

9.      Monitoring Close: monitoring is carried out by the MCOs, the Branch Manager and the respective Zonal Head of the area.

How to Apply For ZTBL Khawateen Rozgar Scheme

Click to explore the ZTBL branches to apply for the loan and further information: https://www.ztbl.com.pk/contact/branches/

ZTBL Contact Information

Islamabad, Pakistan

UAN No. 111-30-30-30

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