UBL Bank Home Loan Scheme in Pakistan

Owning your own home is a dream come true. Fulfilling this dream involves a lot of planning and hard work. That’s why, at UBL, our goal is to make your decision easier by offering you the right ingredients, which can help you realize your dreams with complete ease.

The UBL address offering a wide selection of products and prices gives you the power to be a proud homeowner who is flexible but still affordable. So choose the best product and prices according to your needs

All product options are amorphous and last for 3-20 years.

UBL Home Loan Scheme Benefits

1.      Buy a New Home

Buying a home of your choice has never been easier. With a maximum funding limit of 70%, you can easily buy a house or apartment that meets your needs. So go ahead and start looking for your dream home because with easy and affordable installments you don’t have to think about renting when you get a UBL address.

2.      Build a Home on Own Plot

Your perfect home is nothing like making your own way. With every detail like beautiful French windows or perfectly finished lush green lawns, as you always imagine. After checking the planned fund trenches at each stage of the building process, UBL addresses bring you one step closer to your dream home.

3.      Renovate your Home

Give your home a new look. Decorate your rooms your way. The UBL address allows you to redesign or renovate your home the way you want. You can apply for financial support of up to PRK 10 million and make your dream come true.

4.      Facility of Balance Transfer

Transfer your existing home loan from other banks and Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) to UBL and save money.

UBL Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum monthly income in the range of fifty thousand (50,000)
  • Minimum to maximum age limit is from twenty three (23) years up to sixty five (65) years.
  • Must be the resident of Pakistan
  • Self-employed businessman/professional or salaried individual can avail this scheme
  • The minimum loan is one million (1,000,000).

UBL Home Loan Requirements

  • One valid copy of CNIC
  • Two recent passport size colorful photographs
  • Signed the Letter of Understanding, indicates the rate applicable at the time of booking the loan.
  • The requirement of other documents substantiates the length of business.
  • General Income Documents for Salaried Individuals and Self Employed Businessmen (SEB) / Self Employed Professionals (SEP) are given below.
Salaried1.            Confirmation of Employment Certificate at least last 12 months with work experience2.            Documents of Tax for the past 24 months3.            Current Slip of Salary4.            Statement of Bank Statement for the past 12 months
SEB/SEP1.          Tax Assessment Order for last 3 years or Registered Deed of Partnership2.          State of Bank for the past 12 months3.          Slip of Salary/Certificate of Salary4.          Conforming Certificate of Employment for the last 12 months with work experience5.          Documents of Tax for the past 24 months6.          Current Slip of Salary7.          Statement of Bank Statement for the past 12 months

UBL Home Loan Calculator

To know Online UBL home loan calculator 2021, please visit the link: https://www.ubldirect.com/corporate/BankingServices/ConsumerLoans/UBLAddress/LoanCalculator.aspx

UBL Home Loan Scheme Repayment

At UBL, you are the center of all our efforts. That’s why, at your convenience, we’re now introducing new ways for you to pay off your UBL address loan. You can choose from a variety of convenient payment channels, all of which can save you time and money.

UBL Home Loan Interest Rate

Interest rates are usually calculated on the basis of one year Karachi Interbank Offered Rate (KIBOR *) which is taken as base rate. A margin that varies from one pricing to another is charged above and above the base rate, the details of which are as follows:

SegmentsDocuments Required
Salaried Individual (SI)KIBOR + 3.5% = Applicable Interest Rate
SEB/SEPKIBOR + 4.5% = Applicable Markup Rate

KIBOR is defined as the average rate for a period of one year as “Ask side” as published on the SBP page on KIBOR or in case the SBP page is not available published by the Financial Markets Association of Pakistan.

UBL Home Loan Scheme Online Apply

You can avail UBL home loan scheme 2021 while sitting in home with the help of given link: https://www.ubldirect.com/corporate/BankingServices/ConsumerLoans/UBLAddress/ApplyNow.aspx

UBL Home Loan Scheme 2021 Contact Number

For more information and queries, call us at 111-825-888 (UAN).

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