UBL BetterLife Bancassurance- UBL Bank insurance Details

Bancassurance is the sale of insurance and banking products through the same channel, usually through bank branches. Better Life Plans are advanced insurance products designed specifically to benefit consumers, providing a better and safer future for your family and loved ones.

Partnering with the country’s leading insurance companies, we offer a variety of insurance plans to meet your needs at every stage of life.

UBL BetterLife Bancassurance Plan Products

1)      EFU BetterLife Bancassurance

2)      Jubilee BetterLife Bancassurance

3)      State Life BetterLife Bancassurance

1.     EFU BetterLife Bancassurance

a)      EFU BetterLife Child Savings Plan

·         Raise targeted funds for your children’s education and ensure that this goal is achieved even if the parents die first.

b)     EFU BetterLife Savings Plan

·         Flexible open and savings product with life insurance protection for your family and loved ones.

c)      EFU BetterLife Retirement Plan

·         Raising retirement funds for your regular income of retirement.

d)     EFU BetterLife Shaheen Plan

·         The EFU BetterLife Shaheen project by EFU Life is not only a multipurpose savings and investment vehicle but also provides valuable life insurance coverage. With more allotment in the first year, this plan gives the customer a valuable benefit at a higher profit.

e)      EFU BetterLife Takaful Plans

·         Protect your family’s future with EFU Better Life Takaful plans that are in line with your beliefs and sharia principles.

2.     Jubilee BetterLife Bancassurance

a)      Jubilee BetterLife Child Savings Plan

·         This plan is for those who want to put their children in college or university without worrying about heavy semester fees. This plan offers a complete financial package for your child’s education.

b)     Jubilee BetterLife Savings Plan

·         This plan is for people who want to save money for their future needs and live their lives with proper financial planning. It is a unit-linked endowment plan that helps them save money on a regular basis today, and helps them meet their financial needs by providing insurance protection cover.

c)      Jubilee BetterLife Retirement Plan

·         An investment plan designed for those who want to maintain a quality of life after retirement. The scheme will provide a regular pension after retirement.

d)     Jubilee BetterLife Parbat Plan

·         The Jubilee Better Life Parbat Plan by Jubilee Life is a protection-less investment plan for those who wish their families a better future. This allows you to allocate more money from time to time for the money plan so that you can get maximum profit.

e)      Jubilee BetterLife Takaful Plans

·         Protect your family’s future with EFU Better Life Takaful plans that are in line with your beliefs and sharia principles.

3.     State Life BetterLife Bancassurance

a)      State Life BetterLife Endowment Plan

·         The plan is about saving money for children’s education.

b)     State Life BetterLife SadaBahar Plan

·         A plan that allows policy holders flexibility as well as partial withdrawal with significant payments at the end of the period with excellent returns.

c)      State Life BetterLife Three Payment Plan

·         A plan that allows policy holders to withdraw more than one sum insured to meet their financial needs.

United Bank Limited Helpline Numbers

v  Telephone Number: 111-825-888

v  Email: customer.services@ubl.com.pk

v  Website: https://www.ubldirect.com

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