soneri bank car finance | How To Get Car Loan From Soneri Bank

Now you can become a new car owner through the Soneri Auto Finance Program. Car finance service of up to Rs 5,000,000 offered by Soneri Bank Limited with repayable over 7 years in equal monthly installments. The used and reconditioned car option is also available. To meet your need, please contact the nearest branch of Soneri Bank Limited or call + 92-21-111-766-374 for application assistance.

Soneri Car Finance Benefits

1.      Fast and hassle-free application processing

2.      Zero processing fee on declined application

3.      Down payment is required once loan is approved

4.      Option of Used and Reconditioned Car is also available

5.      Partial Payment option

6.      Early Settlement option

Soneri Car Finance Features

1.      Appliers: Employees Individuals, Legal Persons, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed, Farmers, Rental Income of individuals and individuals who receive remittances from abroad.

2.      Minimum Employment Required: Minimum 1 year in current employment or 2 years of continuous employment with permanent status.

3.      Minimum Business Length: 1 year

4.      Maximum Age: The applicant’s age must not be older than 60 years at the time of maturity of the loan for salaried employees and 70 years for

5.      Entrepreneur / self-employed / farmer / rental income.

6.      Income Requirement: Rs.25,000/-

7.      Mark-up: 1-year KIBOR plus a bank margin of 4.5% to 6%, to be reviewed on each finance anniversary

8.      Maximum Finance Amount: Rs.5,000,000/-

Soneri Car Finance Terms & Conditions

Eligible Borrowers

1.      Salaried Individuals

2.      Self-employed Professionals

3.      Businessmen

4.      Agriculturists

5.      Rental Income Individuals

6.      Foreign Remittance

Financing Amount

Upto Rs.5 Million

Down Payment

1.      Minimum 20% for brand new locally manufactured car

2.      Used/imported reconditioned car requires minimum 20% (30% down payment if DBR is greater than 30%)

3.      Brand new Suzuki Bolan/Ravi requires minimum 30%.

How to Apply For Soneri Car Finance

Click on the link to apply for the Soneri Bank Loans:

Soneri Bank Contact Information

Phone No: 021-111-SONERI (766-374)

Web Address:


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