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SME Bank Chappal Financing | How To Get Loan From SME Bank

The financing against the Chappal product is designed to meet the financial needs of Chappals for manufacturing / marketing of business units. Chappal is a traditional Pakistani footwear, worn especially by people from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan regions. Financing against the Chappal product can be provided to small and medium-sized companies in the Chappal manufacturing industry, which must be in existence for at least two years.

Chappal manufacturing / trading entrepreneurs will be offered Term Financing for Working Capital (TFWC) to cover operational / commercial expenses, including raw materials.

SME Bank Chappal Financing Product Features

1.      Have a financing service from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000

2.      The financing facility can be extended up to 3 years.

3.      Margin receivable at 1 year KIBOR + 6% p.a

4.      The repayment (principal and margin) will be repaid in equal monthly installments.

5.      The values can be two personal guarantees of the government officials of the gazette,

6.      Deposit account in rupees / Certificates of savings with 20% margin.

7.      Property mortgage acceptable to the Bank with FSV 1.5 times the amount of the credit line.

8.      Shares, machinery / equipment / accounts receivable will be mortgaged, in addition to the aforementioned values with a 25% margin.

9.      The borrower must not be a defaulter of any financial institution.

SME Bank Chappal Financing Product Documents Required

1.      Copy of the CNIC, photograph and bank statement of the sponsor

2.      Tax returns and property documents offered as collateral

3.      Audited accounts (if the loan exceeds 10 million) / Finances of the last two years preferably

4.      Detail and valuation of stock, plant and machinery

5.      Personal guarantees

SME Bank Chappal Financing Product Collateral / Security:

1.      Mortgages (Urban property)

2.      Hypothecation of plants & machinery/stocks

3.      Pledge of Government Securities

4.      Lien on Deposits/Term Certificates

How to Apply For SME Bank Chappal Financing Product

To apply for SME Bank Chappal Financing Product, visit to the nearest SME bank branch for application:

SME Bank Contact Information:

Address: 56-F, Nazim-ud-din Road, F-6/1, Blue Area, P.O Box 1587, Islamabad.

Phone: (+92-51) 9217000

Fax: (+92-51) 9217001

UAN: 111-110-011


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