National Bank of Pakistan Gold Loan | NBP gold loan

National Bank of Pakistan is one of the major marketable banks in all over Pakistan. NBP offers various products for public savings in the form of deposits, as well as loans for those in need. One of NBP’s unique loan products is NBP Gold n Cash Loan. Bring your gold and get a cash in hands as a loan for your requirements

National Bank of Pakistan Gold Scheme Benefits

1)      Rate of mark-up 15% p.a.

2)      Sponsoring against each 10 grams of gross substances of gold are as follows:

a.       For One Year Financing Rs. 60,000/

b.      For Three Year Financing Rs. 55,000/

3)      Maximum Limit up to Rs. 7,000,000/-

4)      Repayment after one year / Three Years

5)      No minimum income requirement

6)      One year Rollover tenure

7)      Only gold ornaments acceptable

8)      Weight and quality of gold will be determined by NBP’s appointed scruffs

9)      No penalty for early repayment

10)  For the needs of education, marriage, consumer and other domestic workup

National Bank of Pakistan Cash N Gold loan Scheme Total Mark-Up Rate

>  The NBP website indicates the fix current mark-up rate which is 15.5%.

National Bank of Pakistan Cash N Gold Scheme Financing Ratio

>  In case of one year financing, Rs. 45,000/- for each 10 gram gold. However, the financing amount is Rs. 40,000/- each gram for a 3 years loan.

National Bank of Pakistan Cash Gold Scheme Collateral / Security

1.      Cash n Gold is a loan issued by the banks against collateral of gold ornaments. This loan scheme primarily focuses on meeting domestic financing needs such as education, marriage, medical or any other lawful purpose.

2.      Those who have any kind of gold jewelry / ornament of purity over 21 karats can furnish as security and avail a gold loan.

National Bank of Pakistan Cash N Gold Scheme Total Processing Fee

>  The processing fee for NBP overall procedure of Gold n Cash loan is Rs. 1,000/-.

National Bank of Pakistan Cash N Gold Scheme Required Documents

1.      Signed application form.

2.      Loan Declaration Form duly signed.

3.      Valid Copy of the National Computerized Identity Card (CNIC)

4.      Gold in carat

National Bank of Pakistan Cash N Gold Scheme Online Apply

1.      Visit your nearest National Bank branch with your gold for loan in cash.

2.      Click at the link to explore National Bank Branches:

National Bank of Pakistan Cash n Gold Scheme Contact Information

>  Please communicate with your nearest NBP Branch for full details and to index for NBP Advance Salary

>  Click on the link to explore national bank branches:

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