National bank Mera Pakistan Mera ghar Loan Scheme

The government of Pakistan has launched a scheme to provide houses to the poor people calle mera Pakistan mera ghar or Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

The State Bank of Pakistan has instructed eight major banks to provide loans to Pakistanis on easy terms to build houses. These eight banks include the National Bank of Pakistan.
A loan of Rs 2.7 million to Rs 6 million can be taken from the National Bank of Pakistan to build a five-marla house or a ten-marla house.

NBP “Mera Pakistan Mera ghar” is the only residential scheme for Pakistani people having the CNIC and
clean E-CIB report and current A / c / salary (if not, then A / c will be opened at the NBP branch before
financial payments).

Customers Categories

Category A:
​​Includes full-time employees in Federal Govt., Semi-Govt., Semiautonomous, Local and Other Bodies
whose salary / will be disbursed through the NBP Branch and their organization is ready to provide
Employer Conduct in NBP format.
Category B:
Includes other paid categories working with multinational companies, Schedule
Banks or Organizations Approved by NBP

1) Home Purchasing Funds for Buying a House or Dwelling House are ready.
2) Housing Finance for the construction and expansion of residential property.
3) Purchase of Construction Land

Eligibility Criteria For Mera Pakistan Mera ghar loan scheme

1) All Citizens holding CNIC
2) The first time owner
3) Only one person can have a home loan grant under this scheme only once
4) Applicant must be 25-55 years of age
Cost of Finance and Lease:
The highest value of all products except home improvement Rs 35 million, paid over 05 to 20 years.

List of Required Documents

1) Loan Application Form (LAF) and CF Undertaking (Original)
2) Real Product Display Sheet (Original)
3) Valid CNIC Applicant and Partner (Copy)
4) 2 color size passport size Photos of applicant and partner(Original)
5) First time Homeowner (Original)
6) Copy of the title deed of the property to be (copy)
7) Direct Debit Authority (DDA) and Employer Certificate stating that the care of the employee account
will continue with the Credit Bank (where applicable)

Formal Sector Self Employed:
1) Proof of Business (meaning business ownership and length)
2) Sole Proprietor / Partnership or original Bank Certificate
3) NTN certificate
4) Renting an office agreement
5) Professional Degree / Diploma & / or valid membership of a working body
6) Any other acceptable business document certified by the authorities that meets the minimum
business requirements.
7) Revenue check document
8) Account Savings Book and Bank Statement for the past six months

Informal Sector Self-Employed:
1) Rent Agreement
2) Tax or real tax declaration
3) Liabilities for Use or
4) Challan School Fees
5) Any other valid cost document (according to the specified revenue proxy)
Referral & Hub Branches:
1) All NBP branches throughout Pakistan will act as referral branches except for Hub branches
and can refer their NBP Mera pakistan mera ghar cases to Hub branches for all customers.
2) The property being financed has to be located in the city where the Hub branch is located
and the finance will be booked in the Hub branch. Every loan is to be parked at a Hub
Branch. Hub
3) branches will be designated by H.O. from time to time.
4) The borrower under the category of salaried class A-2 has to maintain the salary account or
current account at referral branch duly funded with at least 1-month installment.

How To Apply For Mera Pakistan Mera ghar loan scheme

Interested candidates will click on the link given below and download and fill the form and submit it along with the required documents to your nearest bank.

Apply Online

Download For :

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