Meezan Bank Insurance Plans And Features

The Meezan Bank Insurance plan solutions are specifically planned to help you to secure and protect a stable future with your loved ones. Partnering with the country’s leading insurance companies, we offer a variety of customized insurance plans to meet your education, savings, marriage and retirement needs at every life stage.

Meezan Bank Insurance Plan Products

1)      Meezan Kafalah

2)      Meezan Islamic Shariah

1.     Meezan Kafalah Plan

Meezan Kafala Bankat is a Shariah-compliant alternative to Kafala products. This is a simple and profitable savings plan with Natural Life Takaful Coverage, with many benefits that make it an attractive deposit product for consumers. Meezan Kafala is a Shariah compliant alternative to insurance with an easy option to withdraw at any time.

2.     Meezan Islamic Shariah Plan

The core business of the company should not violate any principle of Sharia. Therefore, it is not permissible to buy shares of companies that provide financial services at interest, such as traditional banks, insurance companies, leasing companies or companies involved in any other business that is not approved by Shariah, such as making or selling alcohol, pork, forbidden meat. Companies involved, or gambling, running nightclubs, spreading pornography, prostitution, etc.

Meezan Bank Helpline Numbers

·         Telephone: +92 21 111 331 331

·         Email:

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