JS World Debit Card Benefits and Transaction Limit

JS Bank offers JS World Debit Card. With JS World debit card you can get a globally accepted card and use it for online shopping or at any debit card accepting retail store and enjoy the many benefits. With JS World Debit Card, spend your money anywhere, anytime and enjoy the world of concessions.

JS World Debit Card Benefits

1.      Theft Protection and Insurance

·         Theft protection and insurance against fraudulent transactions on your card after you report the incident.

2.      Wide Retailer Reach Globally

·         Accepted globally and over 27 million retailers in Pakistan.

3.      24/7 Phone Banking

·         Use your 24-hour phone banking service to activate your card.

4.      Wide Cash Withdrawal Access

·         Withdraw cash from over 14,000 ATMs on 1-Link or MNET network in Pakistan and 1 million Visa Network ATMs globally

JS World Debit Card Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

Individuals, sole proprietors and joint account holders (either / survivors) meet any of the following criteria:

1.      Minimum annual income PRs. 2.5 million

2.      Minimum PRs. 2 million in current, savings, term deposit or equivalent in foreign currency account.

3.      At least PRs. 2 million investment in JS Bank’s Asset Management Company

4.      Minimum house loan of PRs. 20 million with JS Bank.

5.      Senior executives of companies with an annual turnover of PRs. 10 million and more in the company business account. At least a 12 months company relationship with the bank is required.

6.      If you meet any of the above criteria, please visit your nearest JS Bank branch with documentary proof to obtain a World debit card.

JS World Debit Card Transaction Limit

JS  World Debit Card Transaction LimitSingle TransactionDay Limit
Withdrawal Limit50,000100,000
IBFT Limit250,000500,000
Funds Transfer Limit250,000500,000
POS Purchase Limit100,000400,000

How to Get JS World Debit Card

JS Bank World Debit Cards are issued from all JS Bank branches. Please visit your nearest branch to apply. For online apply, please click on the below link:

Online Apply

JS Bank Helpline Numbers

Tel: + 92 (21) 111-57-2265



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