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JS Bank Gold Credit Card Benefits And Features

With JS Gold Credit Card, spend your money anywhere, anytime and enjoy the world of concessions. Get a globally accepted card and use it for online shopping or at any Credit card accepting retail store and enjoy the many benefits.

JS Gold Credit Card Benefits

1.      Attractive Discounts

·         Get amazing discounts from various vendors across Pakistan.

2.      Supplementary Cards

·         Get up to 6 additional credit cards for your family and specify a credit limit for each card.

3.      JS Bank Credit Protector

·         In case of any untoward incident, the credit protector takes care of the balance on your JS Bank credit card.

4.      Balance Transfer Facility

·         Transfer your existing credit card balance or your personal loans to your JS Bank credit card! Call us on 021 111 654 321.

5.      Convenient Repayment Process

·         Choose Auto Debit Payment or Fill Deposit Slip and Deposit Check / Cash at Taylor Counter / Dropbox at any JS Branch.

6.      24/7 Phone Banking

·         Use your 24-hour phone banking service to activate your card.

JS Gold Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

1.      Current individual account holders.

2.      Paid corporate relations employees receive a monthly salary in their JS Bank account.

3.      Self-employed professionals and businessmen.

4.      Age: 21-60 years for salaried customers.

5.      Age: 21-65 years for Self Employed Professional and Businessmen.

6.      Age of applicant for supplementary card: 18-70 years.

7.      Minimum income requirement for salaried applicants is PRs. 20,000 per month.

8.      Self-employed professionals and businessmen need a minimum income of PRs. 25,000 per month.

9.      The debt burden should not exceed 50% of the applicant’s household income.

10.  Clearance from ECIB and compliance with SBP Prudential Regulations.

JS Gold Credit Card Required Documents

1.      Credit Cards

·         Application form prescribed by the bank.

·         Copy of computerized national identity card.

·         Bank statement for at least six months.

·         CF 1-Appendix Appendix-Details of various facilities already obtained from other banks / DFIs.

·         Credit Shield, if the customer chooses, for the credit shield.

2.      Income Document

a)      For Salaried Applicants:

·         Salary slip or certificate preferably signed and stamped by the employer.

·         Bank statement for the last six months in which the salary amount is deposited.

b)     For Self-Employed Professionals & Businessmen:

·         Proprietorship letter.

·         Company last six-month bank statement.

c)      For Partnerships:

·         Partnership deed.

·         Company last six-month bank statement.

d)     Director Public or Private Limited Company:

·         The company makes articles and memorandum of association “29A” where ownership is mentioned.

·         Bank statement for the last six months

How to Get JS Gold Credit Card

JS Bank Gold Credit Cards are issued from all JS Bank branches. Please visit your nearest branch to apply. For online apply, please click on the below link:

Online Apply

JS Bank Helpline Numbers

Tel: + 92 (21) 111-57-2265



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