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JS Bank’s Bancassurance offers our customers the convenience, risk diversity and great value with the availability of different product ranges as per their requirements. Partnering with EFU Life Insurance, the largest private sector life insurance company in Pakistan, we offer you unit-linked investment and life insurance products to help you grow and secure your wealth at the same time.

JS Bank Bancassurance Plan Product

1)      Mehfooz Sarmaya

2)      Mehfooz Kal

3)      Roshan Kal

4)      Globewell Powered by AXA

5)      Anmol Sehat

6)      Cash Protector Plus

7)      COVID-19 Tahaffuz

8)      Sunhera Khuwab

9)      EFU Employee Protector Plan

10)  EFU Cover Shield Plan

1.     Mehfooz Sarmaya

a)      Minimum annual premium amount for PRs. 50,000 is required.

b)      Available to people 18 years of age or older.

c)      100% of the original single premium is allocated to purchase the unit in the selected fund.

d)     Contributions paid for the project are invested in EFU Life’s Internal Investment Fund. Choose the fund you want based on your needs and risk tolerance:

·         EFU Managed Growth Fund

·         EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund

e)      100% of the fund acceleration premium is allocated to purchase units in the selected fund.

2.     Mehfooz Kal

With a Mehfooz Kal, save your loved ones from any untoward incident. This one year renewable insurance pays a fixed lump sum benefit in case of death of the plan holder due to natural or accidental reasons. Secure Total is only available to JS Bank account holders.

3.     Roshan Kal

Roshan Kal allows you to plan your financial growth as well as provide you with a comprehensive life plan. The best plan for a bright future, exactly what you and your family deserve.

4.     Globewell Powered by AXA

JS Bank brings together Globe Well with TPL Life – powered by AXA, an international health insurance program of its kind. Providing access to some of the best hospitals and doctors around the world with a premium level of customer care, Globewell is only available to JS Bank account holders. From the two variants, you can choose the package that suits your needs. In addition, you can get medical services in your home country in addition to the coverage area.

5.     Anmol Sehat

JS Bank offers Anmol Sehat, an accident insurance scheme specially designed to provide you an easy and affordable way to protect your loved ones from any untoward incident. This scheme is designed to ensure a smooth enrollment process and makes the nominal monthly premium deduction insurance plan extremely easy and affordable. Invaluable Health is written by EFU Life Insurance Limited and is only available to JS Bank account holders.

6.     Cash Protector Plus

Cash Protector Plus is an easy and affordable way to provide over-the-counter and ATM cash and dust insurance protection and coverage in the event of snatching, coercion and armed hold-up. Cash Protector Plus is a one-year renewable insurance scheme that pays a fixed amount in the event of a snatch or accidental death. Cash Protector Plus is written by EFU General and is only available to JS Bank account holders. Protect yourself and your loved ones by investing in Cash Protector Plus and protect yourself and your loved ones from any unforeseen circumstances. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy peace of mind. With Cash Protector Plus, we’ve got you covered.

7.     COVID-19 Tahaffuz

EFU Life offers Covid 19 Tahffuz, a health insurance scheme designed to provide coverage against Covid 19. The scheme provides full end-to-end coverage from diagnostic tests and hospitalization to term life protection. This scheme is written by EFU Life and is only available to JS Bank account holders.

8.     Sunhera Khuwab

EFU Sunhera Khuwab Plan that covers your child’s education and marriage expenses, as well as the added benefit of a life insurance cover and the flexibility to customize the benefits to suit your needs.

9.     EFU Employee Protector Plan

The EFU Employee Protector Plan provides a continuum of family income to the family of the assuring person where in case of death or accidental permanent disability for any reason the family benefits from monthly income for a full period of one year will be given about their well-being.

10.            EFU Cover Shield Plan

The EFU Cover Shield Plan is a type of plan that minimizes your financial risks and protects your family from the burden of credit in the event of death or accident or certain disability of the borrower. The scheme works by protecting the insurer and the family from the debt burden by paying any remaining liability to the bank and the remaining amount will be given to the beneficiaries.

JS Bank Helpline Numbers

Tel: + 92 (21) 111-57-2265



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