How To Get Faysal Bank Islamic Visa Debit Card-features

Faysal Islamic Visa Debit Card, a perfect combination of global access and acceptance. It is a partner of yours that allows you to access your funds whenever you want. Whether it’s for shopping, food, travel or emergencies, your decision is a secure payment solution without the need to carry Islamic Visa Debit Card cash. With contactless technology, it gives you peace of mind and allows you to quickly ‘tap, pin and go’ transactions in a matter of seconds. It’s a companion to all of you that allows you access to a world of opportunity.

Faysal Bank Islamic Visa Debit Card Benefits

Your Islamic Visa debit card comes with a wide range of features and benefits:

1.      Global Reach and Acceptability

Islamic Visa Debit Card is accepted at more than 14,000 ATMs and more than 50,000 Point of Sale (POS) locations, with acceptance at millions of ATMs and merchant locations worldwide.

2.      Much safer than carrying cash

Islamic Visa Debit Card is a secure and easy payment solution instead of carrying cash. Get comfortable and relaxed while walking.

3.      Foreign Transactions

You can use your Islamic Visa debit card when traveling internationally. All your foreign transactions are converted from the currency of the transaction to US dollars which are then converted into pure rupee.

4.      Expense Management

With an Islamic Visa debit card, you can easily manage your expenses. Your bank statement clearly shows the itemized details of all your POS and ATM transactions so that you can customize your account.

5.      Up to Three Supplementary Cards

Get up to three extra cards for your loved ones with Islamic Visa Debit Card. This allows supplementary cardholders to make financial transactions freely within the limits of a primary card account.

6.      SMS Alerts

The SMS Alerts service allows you to receive instant SMS updates on all Visa Islamic debit card transactions.

7.      24 Hours Customer Service

Whether activating your Islamic Visa Debit Card, reporting a lost / stolen card or filing a complaint, just call our 24/7 Contact Center at 111 06 06 06 where our Phone Banking Officers will be at your service for your needs. For more information on Islamic Visa Debit Cards, please call our Contact Center at 111 06 06 06.

Faysal Bank Islamic Visa Debit Card Required Documents

Faysal Bank account holders who fall under the following eligibility criteria for their respective account can apply for Faysal Visa Debit Gold Card:

AccountEligibility Criteria
Faysal Sahulat Current Account3 months average balance of Rs.300,000/-
Faysal Savings Account3 months average balance of Rs.500,000/-
Rozana Munafa Plus Savings Account3 months average balance of Rs.500,000/-
Faysal Premium Savings Account3 months average balance of Rs.500,000/-
Faysal Moavin Savings Account3 months average balance of Rs.500,000/-
Faysal Izafa Term Deposit AccountInvestment in PRs. 1,000,000/-

Faysal Bank Islamic Visa Debit Card Transaction Limit

Refer to the table below for your daily transaction limit on your Faysal Islamic Visa Debit Card:

Card TypeATMsPOS TransactionsIBFT / Internal Funds Transfer
ClassicRs.25,000/-Rs.50,000/-PRs. 250,000/-
GoldRs.50,000/-Rs.200,000/-PRs. 250,000/-
PlatinumRs.100,000/-Rs.500,000/-PRs. 250,000/-

How do I activate my Faysal Islamic Visa Debit Card?

Please follow these steps to activate your Faysal Islamic Visa Debit Card:

1.      Call our Customer Interaction Center at 111 06 06 06 from your registered landline or mobile phone number. If a card is issued against your BTF account, please call from your registered landline number.

2.      The phone banking officer will ask for your card number and some standard confirmations will be required.

3.      The Phone Banking Officer will transfer you to IVR where you can generate your Phone Banking T-PIN.

4.      After successful T-PIN generation, further verification will be done and your card will be activated.

5.      Once your card is activated, you will be transferred back to IVR for ATM PIN generation.

Faysal Bank Helpline Number

·         Help Line: 021 111-06-06-06

·         Email address:

·         Website:

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