How to get car loan from Bank Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Enjoy a comfortable trip with your family. Make it easy to pick up and drop off your children. BAJK offers the purchase of new cars for home and personal use. Now every Pakistani citizen between 18 to 60 can apply for the car loan with a maximum limit up to 2,500,000 and 15% down payment.

Bank Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Car Finance KEY Features

a)      Age limit of the applicant must be 18-60 years.

b)      Maximum loan limit is up to Rs. 2,500,000/-

c)      Maximum tenure is 84 months.

d)     Repayment will be on Monthly Installments

e)      DSR is 50% (including insurance premium)

f)       Down Payment/Equity is Minimum 15%

g)      Registration of the vehicle in the name of BAJK for Primary Security

h)      Comprehensive Insurance of the vehicle.

BAJK Car Loan Eligibility

a)      Must be an AJK / Pakistani national.

b)      Permanent employee of Government / Semi-Government Departments and Autonomous Corporations with at least 03 years of service.

c)      Professionals / freelancers / entrepreneurs who have established their business during the last three years.

d)     01 Personal guarantee of government official of grade 17 and higher


e)      Post-dated checks equal to the number of installments.

BAJK Car Loan Required Documents

a)      Two recent passport size photographs.

b)      Copy of current CNIC.

c)      Employment certificate / salary receipts for the last 3 months (preferably certified by the Human Resources Department).

d)     Bank statement for the last six months that reflects the salary credit.

e)      Model 29 in the case of directors.

f)       Certificate of account maintenance.

BAJK Car Loan Calculator

BAJK car loan calculator with different other banks calculators are present in the following link. Click to explore BAJK car loan calculator:

How To Apply For BAJK Car Loan?

Click to explore nearest branch to visit for car loan applyā€¯:

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