HBL World Debit Card discounts-Features And Benefits

HBL is proud to launch Pakistan’s most premium debit card. HBL World Debit Card is specially designed for our high net worth customers. Enjoy access to your HBL account anytime and anywhere with an HBL world debit card.

HBL World Debit Card Benefits

1.      It has access to over 1000 VIP airports worldwide and in Pakistan.

2.      Higher POS spending limit and cash withdrawal limit.

3.      Accident and health coverage.

4.      Your HBL world debit card is now a chip and PIN debit card. This card provides better financial security as transactions made with this card will be corrected with a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

5.      Luxury and comfort await you at every step, wherever you are in the world. Enjoy instant convenience and convenience with your HBL World Debit Card.

6.      You can use your HBL World Debit Card to make purchases at your favorite stores, and withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world.

7.      A global program designed for global travelers like you. Be part of these breathtaking stories and tales with your HBL World Debit Card.

HBL World Debit Card Eligibility and Required Documents

The following account holders will be eligible to apply for and use the HBL World Debit Card:

1.      Current (Individual)/PLS Saving Account holders.

2.      Current (Joint)/PLS Saving Account holders.

3.      Joint accounts operated under the signature of one of the more authorized signatories will issue multiple HBL World Debit Cards against the joint account upon their request (as applicable). Each joint account holder / supplementary card holder (to whom HBL World Debit Card is issued) will be deemed authorized by other joint account holders to issue such cards in his favor. The terms and conditions here will be binding on common and multiple joint account holders and as the context requires. In addition, the singular terms here will include the plural and vice versa.

4.      Basic cardholders can also request the issuance of a subsidiary HBL World Debit Card in their account in favor of their family members, or any other person who is a Pakistani citizen, who has an identity card. On instructions and permission required. . Basic Cardholders will be responsible for the use of any HBL World Debit Card as well as all transactions issued through any HBL Supplementary Card (Basic Cardholder’s instructions and required permission).

HBL World Debit Card Daily Usage Limits

Withdrawal: PKR 250,000

Purchase (POS)/E-commerce: PKR 500,000

Funds Transfer: PKR 250,000

How to Get HBL World Debit Card

For New Customers:

1.      Complete the account opening form.

2.      Select the desired card in the HBL Debit Card Application section.

For Existing Customers:

1.      Fill out an additional application form.

2.      Select the desired card in the HBL Debit Card Application section.

HBL Helpline Numbers

For any kind of information, please call us on the given telephone number:

General Helpline: 111-111-425

For any kind of queries or suggestion, please email at:


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