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HBL Credit Card Rewards Program Benefits

HBL Credit Card offers the most exciting rewards program, with no expiration of points. As an HBL Credit Card Holder, you are automatically enrolled in the Rewards Program.

Reward each time you use your HBL credit card. Every 25 rupees charged from your card gives you 1 point which you can use for various offers like dining food and shopping vouchers, annual fee discount. It’s a rewards program that lets you decide what you want.

In addition, as an HBL Platinum credit card holder, you can earn up to 3x reward points on foreign currency expenses.

HBL Credit Card Rewards Program Benefits

Reward Points Balance

Easy Ways to Check Your Rewards Balance:

  • Monthly HBL Credit Card statement
  • HBL Internet Banking
  • HBL Mobile
  • HBL Phone Banking

Redeeming Points

1.      Four easy steps to redeem your reward points:

2.      Check the balance of your accumulated reward points to take advantage of the exciting offers available with the HBL Rewards program.

3.      Choose the prize of your choice by looking at the offers available in the category section.

4.      Call HBL Phone Banking at 111-111-425 and let us know the product name / product code as you wish to learn

5.      The HBL Phone Banking staff will redeem your accumulated points from the available product / voucher of your choice.

6.      Products / vouchers registered with HBL will be delivered to your mailing address.

Featured Products

·         Calvin Klein Obsessions 125ml

·         David OFF Echo Women 100ML

·         Black & Decker VM1200 Vacuum Cleaner

·         KN95 Mask

HBL Credit Card Rewards Program HBL Cards

·         HBL Platinum Credit Card

·         HBL Gold Credit Card

·         HBL Green Credit Card

HBL Credit Card Rewards Program Eligibility and Required Documents

The following HBL Credit Cards holders can avail HBL Credit Card Rewards Program:

·         HBL Platinum Credit Card

·         HBL Gold Credit Card

·         HBL Green Credit Card

HBL Helpline Numbers

For any kind of information, please call us on the given telephone number:

General Helpline: 111-111-425

For any kind of queries or suggestion, please email at:


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