First Women Bank Salary Loan | how to get salary loan in Pakistan

The Salary Loan is a term financial loan based on the concept of amortization with fixed monthly installments / repayments. The salary loan facility would allow clients to overcome their financial deficiencies in order to go on vacation, organize children’s weddings, and pay for children’s education and other overhead costs.

FWBL Salary Loan Key Features

1)      Up to 1 million or 15 take-home salaries, whichever is less * (Employees of multinational companies and local private sector)

2)      Up to 2 million or 20 take-home wages, whichever is less * (Government Employees / Military Employees / Local Government Agencies)

3)      Loan Tenure:  Minimum tenure is 1 Year/ Maximum tenure is 5 years

4)      Repayment: Equal monthly installments

5)      Mark-up: 19.5%*

6)      Age: Minimum 21 years/ Maximum 60 years (at maturity of facility)

FWBL Salary Loan Requirements

a)      Permanent employees of government organizations, military, multinational companies, corporations and private corporations who maintain a salary account with FWBL

b)      Applicant must have a valid CNIC

c)      Clean credit history

FWBL Salary Loan Eligibility

Salaried Individuals (Maintaining Salary Account with FWBL)

How To Apply For FWBL Salary Loan 

Click on the link to explore First Women Bank Branches to apply for loan:

First Women Bank Contact Information

Following are the contact Numbers for more information and queries:

Ø  021-111-11-0925

Ø  0331-3925-111

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