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BOK JCB Debit Card Features And Benefits

A debit card is a small chip that uses money savings and is very easy to use, everyone uses it. A debit card is a payment card issued to customers as a method of payment. Debit Cards based on Bank of Khyber Chip have opened up a world of true lifestyle and financial freedom with the help of which you can live your life the way you want, newly designed Chip Based Debit Cards provide your information The process offers better security features to prevent counterfeiting

BOK JCB Debit Card Benefits

1.      The BOK JCB debit card is accepted in 190 countries around the world.

2.      The BOK JCB debit card is acceptable on both international and nationwide ATM networks.

3.      The BOK JCB debit card can also be used by more than 27 million merchants worldwide for POS (point of sale) purchase transactions.

4.      BOK JCB Debit Card Withdrawal Limit has been increased to PRs. 50,000 per day.

5.      POS purchase transaction limit is 100,000 / – per day.

6.      IBFT, FT and UBPS features will soon be activated on BOK JCB debit cards

BOK JCB Debit Card Required Documents

Individuals, sole proprietors and joint account holders (either / survivors) meet any of the following criteria:

1.      Minimum annual income PRs. 2.5 million

2.      Minimum PRs. 2 million in current, savings, term deposit or equivalent in foreign currency account.

3.      At least PRs. 2 million investment in Bank of Khyber’s Asset Management Company

4.      Minimum house loan of PRs. 20 million with Bank of Khyber.

5.      Senior executives of companies with an annual turnover of PRs. 10 million and more in the company business account. At least a 12 months company relationship with the bank is required.

6.      If you meet any of the above criteria, please visit your nearest Bank of Khyber branch with documentary proof to obtain a Platinum debit card.

BOK JCB Debit Card Transaction Limit

BOK JCB Debit Card Transaction LimitSingle TransactionDay Limit
Withdrawal Limit50,000100,000
IBFT Limit250,000500,000
Funds Transfer Limit250,000500,000
POS Purchase Limit100,000400,000

Bank of Khyber Helpline Numbers

UAN: +92-91-111 95 95 95

Tel: 091 – 5253867


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