Bank of Punjab Bancassurance-bank of Punjab insurance Plans Features

Currently, Bank of Punjab is in agency management with two insurance companies such as M/s EFU Life Insurance Ltd. and M/s IGI Life Insurance Ltd. for Bancassurance Plans under which BOP will cover some of the insurance products of these companies. Works as a corporate distribution agent for it. It is to be clarified that these projects are being handled by these insurance companies and Bank of Punjab is acting only as their distribution agent. These plans are not guaranteed by The Bank of Punjab or its affiliates and are not products of Bank of Punjab.

Bank of Punjab Bancassurance Plan Product

1)      BOP Young Lion

2)      BOP Marriage Plan

3)      BOP Saving Plan

4)      BOP Retirement Plan

5)      BOP Value Life

1.      BOP Young Lion

Bank of Punjab Young Lion offers a comprehensive financial planning package for parents to plan for their children’s future education. The plan provides a disciplined way of saving for children’s future education and helps parents raise endowment funds during the savings period to be used for their children’s college or university education.

2.      BOP Marriage Plan

After working hard for success, one can realize the value of saving for the future. There are many roles to play as the head of the family. One of the key roles is to be a responsible, caring parent. To ensure that the child gets the best out of everything, one will always do everything that can be done, such as taking care of expenses, such as a son or daughter’s wedding.

3.      BOP Saving Plan

The BOP Savings Plan is a high cost savings and investment vehicle that also provides valuable life insurance coverage. Large funds raised during the savings period can be used for higher education or child marriage, buying a house, regular income after retirement and any other purpose. The BOP Saving Plan is very flexible and responds to the needs of an individual.

4.      BOP Retirement Plan

Ensure that planning for retirement is essential; otherwise a large number of retired people may change who cannot maintain the standard of living. Retirement plans are an effective way to gain financial independence in retirement. In this project, investments are made in the fundraising units to make significant investments. Upon retirement, this capital applies to the payment of pension from the age of 60 years.

5.      BOP Value Life

Life and health insurance plans get confused, so people are not always happy to be one for them. With this in mind, IGI Life Insurance Limited brings BOP Value Life to the customers of Bank of Punjab, it is a very unique life insurance plan that also covers the cost of hospitalization. While providing you value added services.

Bank of Punjab Helpline Numbers

UAN: 111-200-100

Tel: (042) 35783700-10

Fax: (042) 35783713-35783975

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