Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Benefits & features discount offers

Welcome to the world of Bank Alfalah Visa Platinum. As a Bank Alfalah Visa Platinum Credit Card Member, you now enjoy a wide range of benefits for your lifestyle and travel needs. Enjoy special benefits and unparalleled services with unparalleled rewards and benefits when you shop, eat, travel to Pakistan and abroad.

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Benefits

1.      Jetsetter Travel Reward Program

Jet Setter is a travel redemption program as part of your Alfalah Platinum credit card. As a Platinum credit card member, whenever you spend, transact or sign up for Bank Alfalah products, you earn orbits and you can redeem your orbit for a full travel experience including Included:

·         Airline ticket

·         Airline ticket class upgrade

·         Hotel booking

2.      Exclusive Travel Desk

We have a travel desk for our Bank Alfalah Visa Platinum credit card holders. Just dial 0800 22225 to contact the travel desk and book your ticket. We will even help you with visa applications! You choose the destination of your dreams and leave us to take you there.

3.      Exclusive Deals & Discounts

When we claim to enjoy life today, we really keep that promise. Alfalah credit cards open up a world of exciting discounts, whether for shopping, great food, or world-class travel. Click here for our ongoing discounts and promotions.

4.      Concierge Service

As a Platinum credit card member you can enjoy the luxury of ordering anything without leaving the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is dial 0800 22225 for your order and charge it to your card.

5.      Global Reach and Acceptability

Bank Alfalah Credit Card has the Visa logo, so it ensures worldwide acceptance at more than 30 million institutions and 1.5 million ATMs worldwide.

6.      Dedicated Helpline

By calling our 24 hour phone banking only on 111-225-111, you can avail the following services on Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

·         Check the account details of your credit card statements.

·         Get a balance transfer facility.

·         Get installment plan facility.

·         Pay your utility and mobile bills.

·         Redeem your accumulated orbit against your product selection from our rewards catalog.

·         Turn on current and new credit card services.

·         Ask about ongoing credit card promotions.

7.      SBS Instalment Plan

Our ongoing SBS Installment Plan promotions allow you to purchase a number of home and lifestyle products with your Alfalah credit card and pay the transaction amount in equal monthly installments (EMI).

8.      Cash Advance

Alfalah Platinum Credit Card Cash Advance facility up to 50% of your credit limit allows you to withdraw instant cash from any Bank Alfalah branch across Pakistan and at any ATM around the world by showing the Visa and 1 Link logo.

9.      Balance Transfer Facility

With Bank Alfalah Platinum Credit Card Balance Transfer facility you will have the opportunity to pay the arrears of other banks at cheaper transfer rates through your Alfalah Credit Card. Just call our Platinum Phone Banking Officer on 0800-22225 for details.

10.  Zero Loss Liability

You can be assured that if you lose your Bank Alfalah Platinum credit card you will have nothing to worry about! Bank Alfalah covers you with all the fraud charges on your card as soon as you report it to us. So make sure you report the damage to 0800-22225 immediately after such an incident. We assure you that with your Alfalah Platinum credit card, you are completely safe from loss and theft.

11.  Supplementary Cards

You can share the benefits and benefits of your Alfalah Platinum Credit Card with your loved ones. We offer you up to 6 additional cards. Anyone who is at least 13 years old is eligible to apply to become a supplementary cardholder.

12.  Bank Alfalah Tap & Pay

To give you a greater sense of security and peace of mind, your Bank Alfalah card is embedded with contactless as well as chip and pin technology that is accessible to a growing network of merchants.

13.  Limit Bracket

300,000 to 2,000,000

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Eligibility

1.      For Salaried Applicants

Minimum gross incomePKR 30,000
Total employment experience (starting from)1 Month
Age21 to 60 Years

2.      For Self-employed Professional Applicants

Minimum gross incomePKR 50,000
Total tenor required1 Year
Age21 to 70 Years

3.      For Self-employed Businessmen Applicants

Minimum gross incomePKR 100,000
Total tenor required1 Year
Age21 to 70 Years

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Required Documents

1.      For Salaried Applicants

·         Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

·         Current pay slip / pay letter with break up.

·         If the companies are not on the panel, a bank account statement showing 3 months’ salary credit is required.

·         Case-by-case additional documents may be required.

2.      For Self-employed Professional/Businessmen Applicants

·         Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

·         Computerized personal bank statement (on original bank letterhead) for the last six months.

·         Case-by-case additional documents may be required.

3.      For Supplementary Card Applicants

·         Copy of Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

4.      Additional Requirements

·         Partnership process and partner / company account statements (if any) from the last six months.

·         Bank letter / certificate confirming ownership / partnership (in case of ownership / partnership)

·         In case of the latest Form A or Form 29 or Memorandum / Article of Association (Private Limited Company).

·         Personal Account Balance / Statements (in case of Private Limited Company)

·         Professional degree / membership certificate to professional associations (in case of professionals).

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Card Online Apply

Bank Alfalah VISA Platinum Credit Cards are issued from all Alfalah branches. Please visit your nearest branch to apply. For online apply, please click on the below link:

Online Apply

Bank Alfalah Contact Information

From within Pakistan dial: +21 111-225-111 or +42 111-225-111

From outside Pakistan dial: +92 21 111-225-111 or +92 42 111-225-111

For card authorization: 042 111-225-786

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