Bank Alfalah Insurance features and benefits

Our Insurance plan solutions are specifically planned to help you secure and protect a stable future with your loved ones. Partnering with the country’s leading insurance companies, we offer a variety of customized insurance plans to meet your education, savings, marriage and retirement needs at every life stage.

Bank Alfalah Insurance Plan Products

1)      Jubilee Ujala Insurance Plan

2)      Jubilee Taskeen Takaful Plan

3)      Jubilee Azmat Health Insurance Plan

4)      Jubilee Mukammal Savings and Insurance Plan

5)      Adamjee Life Hikmat Insurance Plan

6)      IGI Life WTO Zindagi Premier Takaful Saving Plan

7)      Alfalah Insurance Car a Vaan Motor Plan

8)      State Life Sadabahar Plan

9)      State Life 3 Payment Plan

10)  State Life Endowment Plan

11)  Alfalah Insurance Nighaban Plan

12)  Jubilee Kafeel Plan

13)  Jubilee Kohsar Plan

14)  Jubilee Roshni Education Plan

15)  Jubilee Rida Marriage Plan

16)  Jubilee Sahara Plan

17)  Jubilee Rahat Savings and Protection Plan

18)  Jubilee Kamil Takaful Savings Plan

1.     Jubilee Ujala Insurance Plan

The real satisfaction is to see your loved ones happy and safe. While life can be full of ups and downs that seem inevitable, the ability to protect your family from financial trouble in the future is definitely a smart option. The Jubilee Ujala Insurance Plan is a great way to achieve this confidence in your life by taking advantage of better returns on savings and investments. This plan will give you the opportunity to invest your money wisely today and hopefully your relatives will be enlightened tomorrow.

2.     Jubilee Taskeen Takaful Plan

The Jubilee Satisfaction Takaful Plan can choose to reduce the financial burden that will inevitably go with any unforeseen circumstances so that these uncertainties can be best addressed.

3.     Jubilee Azmat Health Insurance Plan

Jubilee Life Introduces Jubilee Azmat Health Plan Insurance. The purpose of this plan is to admit the insured to a top inpatient hospital and to ensure that you can be stress free knowing that your health needs are safe.

4.     Jubilee Mukammal Savings and Insurance Plan

The Jubilee Mukammal Savings and Insurance Plan gives you the opportunity to ensure the happiness of your family by ensuring that your hard-earned savings receive the desired returns to help you and your loved ones. Is.

5.     Adamjee Life Hikmat Insurance Plan

Adamjee Life Hikmat Insurance Plan offers a unique coverage, which aims to cover hospital expenses due to hospitalization in case of illness or accident. You can choose a daily allowance that will be paid if you are unfortunately hospitalized or due to an accident or illness.  “Intensive Care Unit (ICU)” doubles the benefit. This plan enables you to get life insurance coverage with premium according to your age as an optional feature thus making this plan a complete coverage.

6.     IGI Life WTO Zindagi Premier Takaful Saving Plan

IGI Life-WTO “Zindagi” – Premier Takaful Savings Plan is a smart investment plan linked to the Validity Wellness Program. Based on the shared price Takaful model, this plan encourages you to live a healthier life and offers attractive rewards for doing so, as well as the benefit of hospitalization for the participant.

7.     Alfalah Insurance Car a Vaan Motor Plan

Alfalah Insurance Car a Vaan Motor Plan is designed for Bank Alfalah customers to protect their private vehicles from multiple instances of damage. The customer has the flexibility to choose between two variants depending on their coverage needs.

8.     State Life Sadabahar Plan

State Life Sadabahar is an anticipated benefit plan with a benefit plan that provides the same amount of benefit at certain ages during the premium payment period or premature death. In addition, the plan includes a built-in Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) rider, so that the policyholder can cover the additional sum insured in the event of an accidental death.

9.     State Life 3 Payment Plan

The State Life 3 Payment Plan is a unique stipend guarantee as it offers the option of receiving a 25% refund from the sum insured upon completion of one-third and two-thirds of the policy. This plan provides a default, periodic return option during the policy currency. In the event of death during the policy term, the scheme provides the beneficiaries with the facility of unilateral payment of full amount assurance (excluding regular refunds).

10.               State Life Endowment Plan

The State Life Endowment Plan is a unique savings and protection scheme through which the policyholder can receive a fixed amount at a specific time based on his future needs. The State Life Endowment Plan is suitable for those who are far-sighted and want to meet their future needs.

11.               Alfalah Insurance Nighaban Plan

With Alfalah Insurance Nighaban Plan, you can get full protection against accidental death, accidental medical expenses, mobile snatching, permanent disability, ATM theft, fraudulent transactions, home theft and loss of identity documents. This is a great way to plan for the unexpected.

12.               Jubilee Kafeel Plan

With the Jubilee Kafeel Plan, you can be prepared for medical emergencies and other treatment expenses. By offering different levels of service, the Jubilee Kafeel Plan helps you plan for unanticipated medical expenses and provides a death benefit that will be payable to the beneficiaries.

13.               Jubilee Kohsar Plan

Life is all about goals whether it’s a well-built home, educating your children or taking your family on vacation. The Jubilee Kohsar Plan for Life Insurance is designed to provide better returns on investments and savings.

14.               Jubilee Roshni Education Plan

There is a woman behind every success. We stand with you, no matter what role you play. Be it business, mother or daughter, we understand your essentials. With that in mind, we offer a Jubilee Roshni Savings and Protection Plan – designed exclusively for you with Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited. This is an insurance Jubilee Life Insurance plan tailored to your essentials.

15.               Jubilee Rida Marriage Plan

There should be a plan for every family. Before you know it, your baby’s wedding day may be upon you. And happily, there are costs. With the Jubilee Rida Marriage Plan, you can schedule payments as a means to save time. This will reduce the stress of family marriage, so that you can focus on what is important – the joy of the occasion.

16.               Jubilee Sahara Plan

Retirement is a milestone in every man’s life. And with careful planning, it can be a milestone. The Jubilee Sahara Plan helps ensure that you are able to maintain the morals to which you are comfortable. It can provide financial security for you and your family as you enter this new phase of life. So start planning today for tomorrow’s fun life.

17.               Jubilee Rahat Savings and Protection Plan

There is a woman behind every success. We stand with you, no matter what role you play. Be it business, mother or daughter, we understand your essentials. With that in mind, we offer a Jubilee Rahat Savings and Protection Plan designed exclusively for you with Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited. This is an insurance of Jubilee Life Insurance plan tailored to your essentials

18.               Jubilee Kamil Takaful Savings Plan

It is never too early to plan for the future. Just because we don’t know what it holds? No matter what surprising need you may have, the Kamil Takaful Savings Plan can do just that. With deportation payment options, it can be a real savior for a rainy day.

Bank Alfalah Helpline Numbers

Ø  Individuals inside Pakistan can dial: +21 111-225-111, +42 111-225-111

Ø  Overseas Pakistani can dial: +92 111-225-111, +92 42 111-225-111

Ø  For card authorization: 042 111-225-786

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