Bank Alfalah Home Loan requirements

Since a home is everything to you, Bank Alfalah offers you a unique range of financing solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you live in Pakistan or an expat, you can now make use of our quick and simple processing to get your home loan. Saving for your first home can be challenging, but that’s why we’re here to fix your financial problems for you. With Bank Alfalah Home Finance one can get modified services and inexpensive rates.

1.      Build a house on your plot

2.      Buy a piece of land, build your house

3.      Renovate your house

4.      Mortgage the existing house and take advantage of 100% financing to buy a new house / land

5.      Get your loan transferred to Bank Alfalah from any other bank

6.      Make your home green with our solar energy solutions

7.      Buy a full or semi-built house

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Benefits

1.      Reimbursement options for tenure from 3 to 25 years

2.      Inclusion of your spouse or blood relative to improve your financial eligibility or co-ownership of the housing unit.

3.      Annual (partial) balloon payment options to help you pay off the loan quickly

4.      Life insurance and property insurance to guarantee the loan and your home respectively.

5.      Legal advice on property title documents to verify the authenticity of the property.

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Details

1.      Buy a Home

a)  Financing starting from PKR 1Mn. with no maximum limit

b)    Financing up to 70% of the property’s value

c)  Property independently evaluated for fair market value

2.      Plot And Build

a)  Financing up to 70% of the value of the constructed home

b)   Up to 50% of the financing is for plot purchase and remaining for construction

c)  Up to 60% of the plot’s assessed value

d)  Construction part is disbursed up to 4 parts (in advance)

3.      Build Your Home

a)  Get financing to build your home on a vacant lot.  

b)    Financing up to 100% of the construction cost

c)  Financing disbursed in up to 4 tranches (anticipated)

4.      Home Improvement

a)Get financing to renovate or expand your existing home.

b)   Financing up to PKR 3.5Mn. or 40% of the value of your home structure (whichever is less)

c)High-cost upgrades disbursed in 2 parts

5.      Home BTF

a)      Paying for your home financing has never been an easier experience.

b)      Transfer up to 100% of existing financing from other banks

6.      Alfalah Green Energy

a) Bank Alfalah and its panel of trusted solar experts offer you a complete solar solution.

b)    The long-term. Alfalah Home Finance works with the most sophisticated and trusted energy experts in the industry to provide you with the best energy solution.

c) Financing up to PKR 5M

d)   Reliable energy providers and financial experts

7.      Home Secure

An existing home / family plot is mortgaged to support and secure financing purchase of another accommodation / residential plot with subsequent construction and maximum exposures of 100% of the market value of new accommodation / pitch. The acquired property is also mortgaged with the bank.

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Scheme Eligibility

1.      Basic Eligibility:

a.       Pakistani National with a valid NIC

b.      Local salaried individual

c.       Salaried expatriate

d.      Business person

e.       Self employed

Others (people with other sources of income, i.e. homeowners, retirees, regular rental income, foreign remittances, fixed savings / time deposits, agriculture)

2.      Age at the time of Application:

Local and Expatriate= 23 – 60 years
Business person= 23 – 65 years
Self employed= 23 – 65 years
Others (rental, agriculture)= 23 – 65 years

3.      Minimum Experience at Employment/Business tenure:

Local paid individual= 2 Years Permanent, 3 Years Contractual
Salaried expatriate= 2 Years Permanent & 3 Years Contractual
Business person= 3 years Minimum
Self employed= 3 years Minimum
Others (rental, agriculture, etc.)= 3 years Minimum

4.      Housing unit types:

a)        Complete house

b)        Semi-completed house

c)        Apartments

d)       Residential farm house

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Required Documents

1.      Proof of Pakistani Nationality

2.      Proof of Employment/Business/Profession

3.      Documentary evidence of all bases of incomes

4.      Copies of Bank Statements

5.      SBP specific information as per their arrangement

6.      Insurance disclosure forms (Insurance Company specific)

7.      Copies of all title documents of assets to be financed

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Calculator

Home loan calculator is available on the following link. Click and visit the new page of calculation of Allied Bank home loan calculator

Bank Alfalah Home Loan Apply Online

Click on the link to apply now

Or visit to nearest branch locates through link

Bank Alfalah Contact Information

Address: Bank Alfalah Ltd, Plot No. 80, 10th Comm. Street, Phase IV, D.H.A, Karachi, Pakistan

Phone: 111-225-111



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