Bank AL Habib Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy

Bank Al Habib Limited provides the scheme on account to lend support in addressing the dual challenge of the shortage of energy along with climate change through promotion of renewable energy.

Additionally, Bank AL Habib Limited insistently works towards providing accessibility and value added services to their customers and is pleased to announce a Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy Solution under Category-II only use for personal residential.


To fulfill the housing needs of an individual customer, who are looking to install renewable energy source solutions which generate electricity up to 1 MegaWatt.

Benefits of Renewable Energy Solutions

1)                     Maximum Financing limit up to 1.5 million (PRs 1,500,000/-).

2)                     Minimum Customer Equity Participation is twenty five (25%).

3)                     Repayment will be based on equal monthly installments

4)                     During three (3) months’ grace period, only mark-up will be recovered.

5)                     Full payment will be allowable without any charges.

6)                     Partial payment will be allowable without any charges.

7)                     The payment of Project/Unit will be made to suppliers / manufacturers / contractors only by Bank Al Habib.

8)                     Under this category, the loan shall be available for installing only brand new projects/units.

9)                     Availability of financing shall be for the borrowers of agriculture, domestic, commercial and industrial.

10)                 For generation of electricity, the renewable energy based solution/projects of up to 1 MegaWatt.

11)                 A debtor can install multiple renewable energy based projects and solutions up to one Mega Watt each on the condition that such a project should not go unnoticed.

Eligibility Criteria for Renewable Energy Solutions

1)             Must be Pakistani Nationals.

2)             Minimum age limit = 25 years.

3)             Maximum age limit = 60 years for salaried employees.

4)             Age limit for Businessmen / Self Employed Professionals (SEP) = 65 years.

5)             Salaried individuals must be a permanent employee of employment track record = At least 2 year.

6)             Business tenure for Businessmen = At least 3 years

7)            Self Employed Business = At least 2 years.

8)             Net take home salary for Businessmen = At least 60,000 per month

9)             Net take home salary for Self Employed Business = At least 100,000 per month

10)         The debtor must have their own residential housing unit / apartment and flat.

11)         The approval of loan will be based on the income of the applicant, which is subject to meet the Debt Burden Requirement (DBR) or maximum seventy five percent (75%).

Required Documents for Renewable Energy Solutions:

  • Required Documents for Salaried Individuals:

>  Application Form of Bank’s prescribed

>  Have valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

>  Have three (3) recent passport size photographs

>  Have the latest slip of salary and letter of employment with joining date

>  Having of last three months’ salary slips

>  Bank’s Statement at least one (1) year along with consideration of salary credits

Required Documents for Businessmen/ Self Employed Professional

>  Application Form of Bank’s prescribed

>  Have valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

>  Have three (3) recent passport size photographs

>  Business proof with acceptable documents

>  Bank’s Statement at least one (1) year along with account maintaining certificate

How to Apply for Renewable Energy Solutions

·         Please visit your nearest Bank Al Habib Branch and fill the Application Form with required documents.

     For Online Apply

, please visit the link:

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