Allied Bank Insurance Plan 2022 Complete Details and apply Online

Life and living combines flexible life insurance and income safeguard, so you and your family are taken care of. Allied Bank Insurance Plan products is a modern Shariah compliant products that is a customer friendly alternative to Banka Takaful / Assurance that offers a unique combination of savings, investment and security.

Allied Bank Insurance Plan Products

1)      Alsurance

2)      Savings and Retirement Plan

3)      Invest Max Plan with Vitality

4)      Allied Accelerated Savings Plan

5)      Smart Future Plan with Vitality

6)      ILM & Anmol Rishtey

7)      Suhana Mustaqbil Plan

8)      Asaan Zindagi Plan

9)      Virasat Plan

1.     Alsurance

Allied Bank and New Hampshire Insurance Company have introduced insurance, a unique and exclusive product that provides financial support to you and your family from accidents and incidents that God forbid.

2.     Savings and Retirement Plan

After decades of hard work to fulfill your responsibilities, you deserve to enjoy your golden years for which you never had time, make up for lost holidays, share memories with family or be free. Proud to live Lack of savings and leaves you financially dependent on others. To protect you from such situations, a savings and retirement plan helps you to save on a regular basis to build your savings that you can look forward to.

3.     Invest Max Plan with Vitality

Imagine a life insurance plan that not only helps prevent unforeseen circumstances but also helps prevent future health problems so that you can live a healthier life. This is what you can get with ABL Invest Max Plan. You can gain control over your coverage, choose the amount of your benefit and receive rewards, while IGI Life improves your health with vitality.

4.     Allied Accelerated Savings Plan

Fulfill your future dreams with this unique payment plan that has no hassle of regular payments that meet your investment needs with comprehensive life security.

5.     Smart Future Plan with Vitality

Every person has different needs at different stages of life. At IGI Life, we believe in securing your dreams at different stages of life without compromising your needs through financial resources. You don’t have to think twice to make your dreams come true. We present to you, ABL Smart Future Plan with Vitality. You can gain control over your coverage, choose the amount of your benefit and receive rewards, while IGI Life improves your health with vitality.

6.     ILM & Anmol Rishtey

Opportunity to fulfill your promise to your child as a loving parent, you are looking for a project that is designed to help you raise unilateral funds with confidence and when Allow access if you need cash. A plan that sees your dream as the best education for a child or his marriage without any financial hindrance.

7.     Suhana Mustaqbil Plan

Life is full of uncertainties and rarely the way we plan. We all look for security whether it is for the future of our family or for our own savings and given a choice when we leave the opportunity to meet our goals and ensure the well-being of our family.

The Sahana Mustakabel Plan not only helps you save money on a regular basis but also enables you to maximize your savings over time, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind and helping you meet your financial needs and provides a secure financial future.

8.     Asaan Zindagi Plan

Retirement plans provide you with financial security so that when your income starts to decline, you can live with pride and dignity without compromising your standard of living. With the rising cost of living and rising inflation, retirement planning has become more important.

9.     Virasat Plan

Jubilee Life Insurance and Allied Bank Limited offer legacy plans. A special education and savings plan designed to protect children’s futures, whether it be education or marriage. Worst Plan Life Insurance also offers the dual benefit of protection to make sure that God does not let anything happen to you, your dreams for your children are still coming true.

Allied Bank Helpline Numbers

Ø  Allied Phone Banking offers you convenient and secure services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call our UAN number at 111-225-225.

Ø  People calling from abroad dial (+9221) 35301094 for help and people calling Azad Jammu Kashmir dial (021) 35301094 for help

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